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Outdoor decorating: How to choose pots for your garden

Pots add colour, texture and depth to an outdoor space. Here are four things to consider when choosing pieces for the outdoors
Natalie Hunfalvay

Giving your garden a makeover doesn’t have to be an expensive or tedious endeavour, pots alone can give instant appeal and structure to a garden bed. We’ve put together four tips to help you add a little pizzazz to your outdoor space.




Do you have a large backyard, or a small backyard? Think about how much space you have and what you can fit. Lots of little pots in a small area can make it feel cluttered and overly busy but a simple group of three can add a dash of colour and give the illusion of space. If you’ve got more room to play with we suggest you pick an extravagant centrepiece. 

Knowing what kind of plants you’re after will also help narrow down the choice of pots. Small, terracotta pots are perfect for holding herbs while large, rustic ones are stunning with vibrant, leafy, plants. If you pick one that is too large for your plant, the soil may stay too wet and smother the roots while a pot that’s too small can crowd the roots, cutting off moisture, oxygen and nutrients.




A simple colour scheme of white, brown, grey and black works a treat in any garden. Strong primary colours can be jarring to the eye and distract from the oasis you are trying to create. Match your pots to your plants’ colours. For example, a big rustic, concrete pot is beautiful paired with tall, emerald green plants while crisp white accents will lighten your outdoor space.


Use a variety of textures to create interest and add volume and depth to a small, flat space. Roughened exteriors, patterns, drips of colour or two-toned pots can work wonders.


Odd numbers look more natural than even-numbered groups. Line up similar sized plants along a fence edge for privacy or group complementing pots in different textures, size or colour as a focal point.

Here, large pots and plants sit along the fence line, while small pots add variety to the garden (Credit: AARON PERKINS)

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