Outdoor Backyard Ideas

5 tips to make your outdoor space even more inviting

Summer is coming!

As much as we love cosying up on the couch, the backyard is where our hearts long to be. Soaking up that beautiful Aussie weather and (practically) year-round sunshine, being in the great outdoors is good for the soul. It doesn’t take a lot of space to create the feeling of tranquillity in your backyard. Try these tips to turn your garden into your favourite ‘room’ in your home.

Install a built-in barbecue

What’s an Aussie backyard without a barbecue? Instead of a portable option, make your barbecue feel like part of the decor by building it into a permanent structure like homeowner and property stylist Amy Smith did when she recently renovated her house in Manly. It creates an outdoor kitchen-inspired feel and allows you to connect the barbecue to a natural gas line for effortless cooking year-round (bonus: there’s no need to fuss with a gas bottle).

Create an outdoor kitchen-inspired feel and connect to natural gas
(Credit: Brigid Arnott)

Splash out on an outdoor shower

Regardless of whether or not you live near the beach, if you have kids – or even dogs – an outdoor shower will always come in handy. Plus, there’s something so luxurious about having one in your own backyard. Make sure you hook it up to a natural gas line for hot water access so you’re able to use it beyond summer.

Create a shady spot

A little vitamin D is good but having somewhere to escape from the sun is imperative. If you don’t have a covered patio, shield your seating area with a large umbrella. Opt for a colourful or striped umbrella design (like the ones you’d find poolside at a five-star resort) for those holiday vibes in your own garden.

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Add privacy with a living screen

For your backyard to have that welcoming oasis vibe, you want to feel like you’re the only ones out there. Tall planters around your fence line have the added perk of giving your space a luscious, natural vibe. Lilly pilly is a popular choice for a modern, glossy green look; bottlebrush is a pretty native that adds a pop of colour; and clumping bamboo is fast-growing and ideal for tropical landscaping. Vertical gardens and lattice adorned with climbing plants work well, too.

Warm up the space with outdoor heating

Cold nights may be a given in winter, but throughout the year they can sometimes pop up unannounced. Permanent gas-fuelled heating gives you the luxury of warming up your outdoor living space at a moment’s notice. Wall-mounted ones won’t take up any prized floor space either. Install your heaters above your main outdoor living area and look for a sleek design that complements the decor.

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