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The touch of mid-century your backyard needs

Modernist marvels!
Modernist bird houseSourgrassbuilt

If you know your Eichler from your Frank Lloyd Wright, you might like to give your backyard a modernist upgrade with a mid-century style bird house by Sourgrassbuilt.

Handcrafted by Californian Douglas Barnhard, the bird houses are inspired by mid-century modern architecture and design.

Modernist bird house
‘Sunset modern’ bird house. (Credit: Sourgrassbuilt)

The miniature homes feature incredible attention to detail, with floor to ceiling windows, planter boxes, atriums and breezeblocks.

Modernist bird house
‘Sunnyvale’ bird house. (Credit: Sourgrassbuilt)

The ‘Sunnyvale’ design, for example, is modelled on the Eichler homes in Sunnyvale, California, whereas the ‘Highlands’ house is inspired by the neighbourhoods in Highlands San Mateo.

Modernist bird house
‘Mixed media’ bird house. (Credit: Sourgrassbuilt)

Barnhard works with various materials including walnut, bamboo, teak, laminate and metal.

Modernist bird house
‘Highlands’ bird house. (Credit: Sourgrassbuilt)

Prices start at $AU413 and are available from Sougrassbuilt’s Etsy shop.

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