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Chris Warnes

With tiny houses taking the world by storm, it’s no wonder that miniature greenhouses are popping up in gardens all over the internet – and whether or not you have a green thumb, there’s something so inviting about the foggy windows of a greenhouse that feeds the soul.

With plant tendrils gently skimming glass panes and the promise of new growth humming beneath a simple A-frame structure, it’s the perfect sanctuary to erect at the bottom of your garden – both for you and your green friends.

An important job in the big picture of a comprehensive gardening plan, greenhouses have been built for centuries to nurse and nurture plants through the ravages of winter – harnessing the sun’s rays to deliver the good stuff year round and resulting in a bounty of new seedlings and delicate plants ready to re-join the garden as soon as the frost melts.

Whilst many parts of Australia don’t dive deep into winter temperatures, depending on where you live, temperatures may still drop below zero and this can be devastating for your plants. Having them potted and portable means they can take in the warmer weather offered by the sunny enclave of your greenhouse.

Companies in Australia such as Sproutwell and Winter Gardenz sell custom or pre-fabricated greenhouses in kits ready for assembly but if your gardening budget looks more like a shoestring, or you simply love the idea of creating your own greenhouse on a budget, think outside the box and upcycle pieces to tick off the essential elements:

  • Weathered timber or steel window frames
  • Solid flooring to keep things clean and cosy
  • A handy water source
  • Shelving and benches for plant potting and display
  • Plenty of places to hang plants overhead
  • Tools and equipment to tend plants
  • Somewhere to sit and soak it all in

Here’s some inspiration to get your decorator’s green thumb going:

1. Rustic charm

2. Sleek santuary


3. Finland fantasy

3. A glimpse into winter

4. Stylish sun trap

6. The real deal

7. Contemporary conservatory

Watch BHG’s Graham Ross visit an Aussie in her English garden – complete with a bountiful greenhouse!

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