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The stylish new cubby houses

Cubby houses as you've never seen them before
Castle and Cubby

The humble cubby house has stepped up a notch or two in the style stakes with the arrival of Castle and Cubby’s new designs.

The Australian company, which specialises in hand-crafted personalised cubbies, has added two new designs, the Black Barn and Tribe Cubby, to their covetable line-up.

The Black Barn cubby house
The ‘Black Barn’ cubby house (Credit: Castle and Cubby)

The Black Barn

Made from sustainably sourced eco friendly timbers, the Black barn features a dove pink door and a fresh white interior.

Pink barn door
(Credit: Castle and Cubby)
The Black barn cubby house
(Credit: Castle and Cubby)

Topped with a corrugated iron roof, it has two panels of clear polycarbonate roofing to allow more light, as well as authentic barn doors and quality hardware.

The side-servery window has an extra-wide server ledge, to allow for more surface space.

The tribe cubby
The ‘Tribe’ cubby house (Credit: Castle and Cubby)

The tribe cubby

The fresh timber cubby features cafe windows, awnings, extended verandah, trunk posts, stencil painted doors and a planter box. 

The Tribe Cubby
The Tribe Cubby

Five ways to personalise your own cubby house

Take inspiration from Castle and Cubby and customise your cubby for endless play and creativity.

1. Add a letter box to the front of the cubby so your child can send or receive ‘mail’. 

2. Personalise your cubby by stencil-painting the name of the owner on the outside. 

3. Encourage your child to use different accessories to change the function of the cubby – add bunting and cake platters for a cake shop; or hang up maps and binoculars for a secret spy hang-out.

4. Build a raised plant bed next to the cubby, and grow plants in it with your child. Give them the responsibility of looking after it. They can keep their gloves and garden tools in the cubby.

5. Introduce a basket of books, along with cushions and throw rugs, to encourage an outdoor reading nook. 


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