House Rules 2017: HB’s version of the charity rules

Here's how we would execute the colour schemes and decorating rules

This week on House Rules, the remaining teams are tackling an apartment each with a different set of rules. Andrew and Jono have to abide by Drew’s rules while Aaron and Daniella are creating a home with Wendy’s style in mind and Kate and Harry chose to revamp the space guided by Laurence’s rules. Here’s how we would tackle the different rules.

Drew’s rules

  1. Get back to nature with an easy modern style
  2. Be inspired by the colours of a sunset
  3. In every room make one thing do two things


Wendy’s rules

  1. Bring back the best of Art Deco
  2. Create spaces for a quiet moment of private healing
  3. Mix indigo and emerald


LLB’s rules

  1. Charm me with Neo-Classical style
  2. Include coral, paprika and silver colour palette with Mother of Pearl highlights
  3. Indulge my love of antiques and taxidermy

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