Deck out your patio (and stay sun-safe) with these sturdy patio umbrellas

A summer must-have.
Photographer: Louise Roche | Stylist: Kylie Jackes
Photographer: Louise Roche | Stylist: Kylie Jackes

With longer and warmer days, we’re finding ourselves enjoying our time relaxing outside more frequently. Whether that’s sunbathing in your backyard on a lazy Sunday afternoon or hosting a classic BBQ, there’s just something sacred about a backyard get-together that is intrinsically Aussie. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure your backyard or patio is summer-ready. And how do we do that? You ask. With a large outdoor patio umbrella, of course. 

What is the most wind-resistant patio umbrella?

When it comes to patio umbrellas, finding one that is wind-resistant is a must. There’s nothing worse than seeing your umbrella topple over with a single gust of wind – not only is this a safety hazard, but it could also damage other pieces (like dining tables and chairs) that you also have occupying your patio. So, how do you know a patio umbrella is wind resistant? Here are a few key elements to consider, below.

  • A durable frame – this may sound obvious, but what your patio umbrella is made out of is, well, make or break. Consider materials like aluminium, fiberglass or steel as they provide structural integrity to withstand most winds.
  • Reinforced joints – joints of your umbrella should be reinforced where possible.
  • Design – most wind-resistant patio umbrellas have an aerodynamic shape that allows wind to easily flow around it (rather than catching it). Some designs may include vented canopies or special wind vents to reduce wind pressure. 
  • Heavy base – a house is as good as its foundation. This saying rings true when it comes to finding a high-quality patio umbrella. A stable and heavy base is crucial to ensure your patio umbrella is firmly on the ground.

The best large patio umbrellas in Australia 2023


Instahut outdoor umbrella with base pod, Amazon

$142.95 (usually $203.95)

Sturdy, adjustable and durable. The Instahut outdoor umbrella is made with a coated steel construction and features a waterproof and UV-resistant fabric to ensure it can withstand the harsh Australian summer sun.


Blissun patio umbrella in tan, Amazon


Looking for a patio umbrella to use with your outdoor dining table? This one caters to an outdoor dining table that seats two to four. Plus, it features an air-vented canopy to ensure it’s suitable for the moody Australian winds. Note: This does not come with an umbrella base. 


Striped Brighton Market umbrella in Sage & White, Temple & Webster

$89.95 (usually $99)

Exuding classic elegance is this striped patio umbrella from Temple & Webster. Seamlessly blending style with sophistication, it’s perfect for any outdoor space (and get-together). Available also in navy and black colourways to suit your existing outdoor setting. 


Instahut outdoor umbrella in beige, Amazon


Available in beige, black or navy, this outdoor patio umbrella by Instahut is a durable and timeless choice. It’s made with waterproof and UV-resistant fabric and features an adjustable angle system so you can set and lock the umbrella to a position that suits every situation. 


Shade Master MK2, Amart

$529 (usually $629)

Looking for flexible shade in your outdoor space? The Shade Master MK2 outdoor umbrella is your answer. Available in black or taupe to suit your taste. Note: umbrella base is sold separately.


AUSTRIA outdoor umbrella and base, Freedom


Elevate your outdoor space with this umbrella and base combo from Freedom. In a charcoal hue, this outdoor umbrella boasts a 2.5-meter canopy – making it the perfect spot to relax under after a long day. 


Black Sands Market umbrella, Sunday Supply Co.

$449 (usually $599)

Bring the tranquillity that comes with lounging at a beach to your backyard with this large market umbrella from Sunday Supply Co. Featuring a fade-proof, premium UPF50+ fabric, it’s perfect for summer backyard get-togethers. 


The Fitzroy umbrella in Champagne, The Block Shop


Add a touch of Boho-style with this outdoor patio umbrella. Featuring a patented interlock aluminium frame system, fade and stain-resistant fabric, and an easy-to-use rope and pulley operating system, it is guaranteed to elevate your outdoor setting easily.

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