The perfect gardening hack is coming to Australia

The machine that will change the way you garden
John Downs

For a few years now, the UK has been able to take advantage of Miimo, the garden robot that can eliminate a dull outdoor chore altogether.

You’ve probably heard of the vacuum robots that wander around your house with sensors, sucking up any dirt that gets in their way; now there’s an outdoor version to mow your lawn.

While the younger generation might be more interested in the novelty idea, this could be incredibly handy for ageing Australians who need a hand in the garden.

Mowing can be an arduous task, especially for anyone suffering from back problems, arthritis, or myriad other difficulties that strike as we grow older. Using a boundary wire to determine its territory, the Miimo can tackle any kind of lawn, avoid obstacles, and even learn to adapt to grass that grows at different rates.

Plus, it’s totally waterproof, which means a drizzle or a downpour won’t stop the robot from getting its job done.

One of the most incredible features, however, is its anti-theft sensor. Anyone who’s been watching the Miimo take care your lawn from afar won’t be able to make off with it, as an alarm will begin sounding when the robot is picked up and it will only stop once your unique pin code has been entered.

The Miimo is still a fairly expensive product with UK models currently ranging in price from £1,999 to £2,499 (AUD$3237 to $4047) depending on their mowing area capacity and accessories (the most expensive can be managed by a smart phone app).

However, the benefits could far outweigh the cost when you take into account the amount of money that might otherwise be spent on petrol and maintenance for a mower, or funds spent on employing a gardener to take care of the task for you. 

With Honda MPE currently testing Miimo for the Australian market according to Gizmodo, realistic prices and timelines may not be far off.

You can view a video of Miimo in action below. 

This article originally appeared at Starts at 60.

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