Bathroom Renovations

Five fixes under $500 to transform your bathroom

Give your bathroom a complete makeover with these budget-friendly tips
powder room with wallpaperPhotography: Louise Roche / Styling: Kylie Jackes

If your bathroom is on your renovation to-do list but you’ve just blown your budget on giving your living room a long-deserved facelift, worry not, we have compiled five low-cost, DIY hacks that will transform your bathroom to upgrade it in no time.

1. Upgrade your tapware

Swap old, worn tapware for new, on-trend fittings. It’s a relatively straightforward process if you’re simply swapping out a three-piece basin set, but if you plan to change to a mixer you’ll need to upgrade your basin too. Shop online to find a broad range of wallet-friendly fittings.

2. Transform your cupboards

Nothing screams ‘dated!’ like cupboard handles. Find hardware solutions from classic to contemporary, or browse vintage stores for quirky, fun options. Just check the size – the holes need to match up for a neat finish.

Five fixes under $500 to transform your bathroom
(Photography: Sue Stubbs)

3. Give your tiles a refresh

And by that, we don’t mean you have to retile your entire bathroom; new grout will give your tiles a bright look and feel. DIYers who love a bit of a challenge can achieve maximum results by removing existing grout and re-applying with new. Try these natural remedies for a satisfying deep clean, or use a ready-to-use product to address blackening and stains and resist yellowing so it’ll stay looking good.

powder room with wallpaper
A simple tiled splashback and a wash of bright wallpaper give this Queenslander cottage bathroom a new lease on life. (Photography: Louise Roche / Styling: Kylie Jackes)

4. Add a splash of colour

If it is functional but let down by a less-than-lovely colour scheme, the ideal solution to transform your bathroom may be as easy as hanging wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint. Refresh painted walls above the tile line, or even just redo the ceiling for an instantly brighter feel. Make sure you choose paint suitable for use in bathrooms and don’t skimp on the preparation process!

5. Optical illusion

If your bathroom renovation budget is seriously tight, introduce a mirror. Particularly in spaces with a small window, there’s nothing quite like a mirror for upping the light quotient and a decorative choice will give the whole room a lift for a small outlay. If the budget allows, kill two birds with one stone by choosing a mirrored cabinet to extend the room’s storage capacity at the same time.

Five fixes under $500 to transform your bathroom
(Photography: Simon Whitbread)

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