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6 sneaky powder room ideas so good you’ll rethink yours

Pimp your powder room - the new must-have space in a home renovation.
Green leaf wallpapered powder room ideas with pedestal basin

'Chiavi Segrete' wallpaper by Fornasetti is a fitting backdrop for a pedestal sink and aged brass 'Icon' hardware from Astra Walker. "This is the one place where you can go for it," says Lou, a big fan of using wallpaper in the powder room.

Simon Whitbread

A wonderful convenience and a game-changer for the comfort and efficiency of the modern family home, a powder room is now considered a must-have in new builds and people are squeezing them into renovation plans anywhere they can. More than that, with the rise in popularity of such a small space to use as a bathroom, there are plenty of powder room ideas you can steal for any small bathroom for layout, efficiency and design you may not have thought of!

We’ve rounded up a bunch of inspirational examples from Pinterest for you to ponder.

1. All white and tight

This is a tiny space but painting it all white makes it look bigger. The choice of built-in cabinetry for the above-mount basin takes up as little room as possible, doesn’t encroach on the limited circulation space and maximises storage underneath. Herringbone marble mosaics echo a larger version in the main bathroom and the circular mirror avoids the space looking too boxed in. Black detailing in the mirror frame, tapware and door handles punctuate throughout.

powder room with grey herringbone wall tiles
White on white on white, with a touch of marble. (Credit: Photography: Suzi Appel / Styling: Michelle Hart)

2. Dark and moody

The most ingenious powder room ideas are born of necessity like the wall-hung vanity in this powder room that cleverly uses the space with an inset moulded basin. A tall arched mirror reflects light into the space and goes right to the tiled skirting, giving the illusion of space. The real masterstroke, however, is that it provides a backdrop for the wall-mounted tapware and waste trap underneath, so it doubles their design impact without taking up extra space. Mottled grey terrazzo floor tiles add just enough interest to offset the moody tones of the chic, navy-painted walls.

Dark blue painted powder room with tall arched mirror

The powder room features a door painted in Dulux Rainmaker. (Credit: Photography: Nat Spadavecchia / Styling: Fiona Gould)

3. Sophisticated monochrome

Black tells the story here in Shaynna Blaze’s rescued country house in the tiles, mirror and tapware, but it’s the elegant black pedestal that takes centre stage. The round mirror takes advantage of smaller wall space and centres the focus above the round basin. At the same time, a tiny shelf holds the necessities, whilst a statement-making pendant light swirls overhead.

Shaynna Blaze country home rescue powder room black pedestal basin
(Credit: Image: Nine)

4. Wallpaper wonder

In a tight space, nothing makes a bigger impact than floor-to-ceiling wallpaper and your powder room is just the place to let loose your design dreams. The powder room ideas brought to life in this Sydney beachside new build give guests a moment of design appreciation in the moment of contemplation and counting the keys in the pattern make for a fun conversation starter over dinner.

Green leaf wallpapered powder room ideas with pedestal basin

‘Chiavi Segrete’ wallpaper by Fornasetti is a fitting backdrop for a pedestal sink and aged brass ‘Icon’ hardware from Astra Walker. “This is the one place where you can go for it,” says Lou, homeowner and a big fan of using wallpaper in the powder room. (Credit: Simon Whitbread)

5. Hamptons haven

The careful layout makes this powder room work beautifully. Usually, situating a wall sconce so close to a mirror would seem cramped, but a powder room is just the space to embrace intimacy. VJ panelling beneath heavily patterned wallpaper add interest with minimal interruption but there’s some careful design at play here – the moulding of the tapware mount echoes the mirror frame and both speak to the dado rail, while all of the metals are brushed chrome for a cohesive look.

Wallpapered Hamptons style powder room with petal shaped mirror

Perrin & Rowe tapware from The English Tapware Company sits above a custom-made vanity by Weston Kitchens + Bathrooms. Reflected in the mirror is a framed mirror from Bed Bath N Table. “I like how it mimics some of the patterns in the wallpaper,” says homeowner Tess. (Credit: Photography: Mindi Cooke / Styling: Tahn Scoon)

6. Gallery goals

A visual feast, this powder room is just one of the many rooms in this Federation restoration that are awash with colour and pattern. Flipping conventional powder room ideas on their head, patterned tiles are used as wallpaper would usually be seen, leaving the walls free to act as a gallery space for collected artworks. A neatly framed, tiny basin shows there’s no need to compromise functionality for show-stopping decorating ideas. A round rattan mirror forms part of the gallery arrangement.

Eclectic powder room ideas with gallery style artworks and patterned tiles as wainscoting

POWDER ROOM “Each bathroom has a different personality with different coloured tiles or paint,” says Emily. Seen here are Belleza Verde wall tiles from Old World Tiles and a Perrin & Rowe basin from The English Tapware Company. (Credit: Photography: Dave Wheeler / Styling: Corina Koch)

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