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5 things no one knows about installing their own kitchen – Part 2

Expert tips to make your kitchen installation a piece of cake
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We’ve seen enough TV renovation shows to know that doing a DIY project can go one of two ways, it can save you a packet, it’s truly satisfying and you get your dream kitchen! Or… it can be stressful, time consuming and not give you the results you wanted.

No one wants the latter, of course. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of Kaboodle Marketing Manager Lisa Mayski, who has a tool bag full of tips and tricks to make your kitchen installation seamless. 

Lisa says with the right support you can create your dream kitchen.

“Do your research before you start,” advises Lisa. “There’s a lot of things that often get overlooked, but being prepared before you start the kitchen installation process can result in big rewards, including financial as well creating your dream kitchen! Take full advantage of our planning guides, how-to videos and installation instructions. Our assembly resources will help guide you through the kitchen installation process.”

Here, Lisa shares her top kitchen installation tips and a few things you may have overlooked… 

1/ Removing your old kitchen can be half the job

Out with the old, and in with the new! But what, when, where and how will the ‘old’ go? Before you start plying tiles off the wall and pulling cabinet doors off hinges, you’ll need a plan, advises Lisa. “It can be really liberating removing your old kitchen, but it’s important to be well prepared and work through the process in order, as well as addressing safety issues. Things like switching off gas, water and electricity, wearing protective clothing, using the correct tools required to remove splashbacks, light fittings and cabinets and understanding how to remove your old kitchen without causing damage are really important before going hammer and tongs!” Check out this step-by-step guide to removing your old kitchen

Bright idea! A DIY kitchen for a fraction of the 'designer' kitchen cost

2/ You’ll be kitchen-less for a while!

While it’s lovely to day dream about the amazing family roasts you’ll be cooking up (and sparkling wine you’ll be drinking with friends around your new island bench), there will be a period of, umm, living out of an esky!

Living without a fully functional kitchen can be challenging,” says Lisa. “It’s important to plan for this in advance. Draw up a timeline of contractor deadlines, create a temporary kitchen and plan easy but healthy meals during this process. This way you’ll avoid spending your kitchen budget on expensive takeaway meals or worse, unhealthy food options.” 

kaboodle flat pack kitchen - how to install your own kitchen!

3/ You’ll save a packet installing your own kitchen

“There are many benefits to installing a flatpack kitchen yourself versus hiring a cabinet maker or installer,” explains Lisa. “For a start, you can save a lot of money – not only on installation fees but also by purchasing your cabinets, doors and panels, benchtops and splashbacks direct – no middleman fees or kickbacks!”  

Following a DIY process really will save your back pocket but it’s important to always remember that when it comes to plumbing and electrical elements, leave this to qualified and licenced professionals to manage these parts of the renovation process for you.

kaboodle cut to measure services allow your to create seamless finishes and work with tricky spaces.

4/ You have multiple kitchen design and installation options

And while we’re speaking of options… Lisa says that as well as the savings you can pocket on contractor fees, you can also save money by choosing the right flatpack system for you. “There are many options to create a kitchen design and package that suits your budget, lifestyle, needs and your skills. For example, you can purchase modular products, which are available off-the-shelf in standard sizes and are designed to fit into most spaces. Or, you can have the widths of selected products ‘cut to measure’, to fit your kitchen space perfectly! This means you’re still getting the look and fit of a custom kitchen without the price tag!

A u-shape kaboodle kitchen

5/ You can always hire help

Remember point 3? Even though, installing a kitchen yourself will save you heaps, the beauty of a kaboodle kitchen, of course, is that you can DIY as much or as little as you like. For example, you can enlist a professional or DIY any component of your new kitchen – from planning to installation.

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“If you’re not confident or don’t have the time to install yourself, you can always hire an installer,” Lisa advises. “Or, make an appointment with a Bunnings In-Home Consultant to help guide you through the process.”

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