Kitchen Renovations

A 70s-style kitchen comes back to life

This small but perfectly formed space is a well-designed, entertaining dynamo

A 1970s kitchen dominated by dark timber was anything but the perfect entertaining space the owners dreamed of. Well past its use-by-date, the small U-shaped kitchen lacked style, storage and sitting space. Interior designer Jasmine McClelland was called into help. Taking into consideration the owner’s love of entertaining and the Danish modernist style, Jasmine kept the footprint of the kitchen unchanged, but reworked it to create a more functional, roomier space with a floor-to-ceiling bank of lime green cabinetry that provides a style statement in the modernist tradition. Jasmine also came up with an inspired design to link the revamped kitchen to the adjoining living room. Stylish overhead cabinetry now extends into a custom-built, timber display unit, creating a seamless transition from one space to the other. With well-thought-out design, ample storage and the clever use of colour to provide light and contrast, a once-problematic area has been completely transformed.

joinery kitchen hb home beautiful

The custom-made timber joinery in Cognac satin Eveneer resembles sleek modern furniture more than functional cabinetry. Made by Mint Kitchen Group, the carpentry extends the synchronised feel between the two areas, opening up the kitchen and creating a harmonious living space. The shelves display books and objects collected by the couple over the years, giving the whole zone personality and interest.

70s kitchen makeover

The owners chose the shade of green because it fits well with the Danish modernist tradition they love. Pushing the boundaries with the hue, delivered by glorious 2-pac cabinetry in Dulux Field Maple, was an inspired decision. It’s a show stopper that brings the space alive. “The lime joinery provides that pop of colour and everything else in the kitchen, such as the lovely muted grey stone of the benchtop and the warmth of the wooden bookcase, works with it,” explains Jasmine. “As you walk into the kitchen, there is nothing that feels overbearing – instead the combination of all the finishes brings a sense of harmony and freshness.”

storage 70s kitchen

Push-to-pull doors and slide-out cupboard inserts make the cabinetry easy to use, while the handle-free fronts allow the wonderful lime green colour to shine. Stainless-steel appliances are the perfect foil.

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