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House Rules reveal: the first backyard challenge

Tim & Mat rise to the top
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The first exterior renovation is complete on House Rules and the judges return scores to the three teams who renovated Lisa & Andy’s SA back yard.

Teams felt like they were starting again in the competition in unfamiliar territory. Zone wars, new trades to juggle and a tight timeline had them pushed to the limit as Lisa & Andy’s Mediterranean escape took shape.

Shayn & Carly: Outdoor lounge area

After negotiating to get their preferred zone, Shayn & Carly created a fresh and breezy outdoor zone to linger in which LLB felt was, “elegant and chic, but more Hollywood than Mediterranean.”


Wendy felt that Shayn & Carly had missed an opportunity to extend the area off the master suite. They earned a total score of 29 from the judges, placing them second on the leaderboard.

Tim & Mat: Entertaining zone

Tim & Mat wowed the judges with their entertaining area, complete with a sunken loungroom that Jamie said, “Invites you in,” and a show-stopping copper wood-fired oven and servery. 

On inspection, homeowners Lisa & Andy were blown away, saying the boys had outdone themselves, hitting the House Rules in a space that was, “So modern Mediterranean; this is like a little slice of Greece.”

House Rules reveal: Lisa & Andy's backyard
House Rules reveal: Lisa & Andy's backyard

They scored a total of 36 from the judges, which landed them back on top of the leaderboard.

Pete & Courtney: Alfresco kitchen

Pete & Courtney’s initial excitement and determination to produce an outstanding alfresco kitchen came crashing down when they didn’t complete their zone – owing in part to the extra pressure of completing the 48hr fixup of the den. The judges were disappointed, with LLB wondering if they ran out of time or ability. Wendy said “The decisions that they’ve made have been really wrong, there is nothing here to love.”

Pete & Courtney’s efforts in the den saved their score somewhat, with the judges all giving the zone a ‘pass’ and awarding them 3 points to a total of 25.

House Rules reveal: Lisa & Andy's backyard
House Rules reveal: Lisa & Andy's backyard

Lisa & Andy now join Pete & Courtney and Shayn & Carly to tackle Tim & Mat’s federation cottage in the next exterior renovation.

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