5 things you should stop storing in the bathroom

They could be dangerous

With our bathrooms already cluttered up with the necessities of life, there may be some changes you can make to the way you approach storage.

Generally, in the bathroom we opt to have everything handy, but it’s really just essentials you need to store within reach. Streamlining things and moving a bunch of items to a dry, safe place can allow for more space and less risk to your health.

Here are 5 things to consider another home for:

1. Medicine

Not only dangerous for inquisitive young explorers, an environment with varying temperatures and exposure to moisture can compromise the makeup of prescription and over-the counter pharmaceuticals. These should be stored out of reach in a cool, dry place.

2. Makeup

Moisture and humidity collecting on your makeup products, brushes and applicators leaves them susceptible to germs and makes a great place to harbour bacteria. Wash regularly with warm soapy water and store in a dry place.

3. Perfume

Varying temperatures may change the chemical composition of your fragrance(s), causing them to spoil more quickly. If you rotate a few scents, keep them elsewhere in a cool, dark place.

5 things you should stop storing in the bathroom | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: John Downs)

4. Razor blades

Extended periods where your razor is exposed to moisture or sitting in a puddle will dull and rust the blades. Whilst it’s desirable to keep them handy in the bathroom, ideally have them in a cupboard or sealed container away from direct steam and moisture.

5. Electronics

You might like to check on your social feeds whilst you’re getting ready for your day or grab a pair of headphones to relax in the tub with, but electronics are incredibly prone to damage when exposed to humidity.

The collection of moisture may interfere with wiring, putting them at risk and leaving them potentially dangerous. A cool dry place is best for storing anything with wires and be sure to dry them out in a warm spot with good air circulation after your soak.


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