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Here’s why Zoe and Benji Marshall have separate bedrooms AND bathrooms

More than a luxury, it's something they can't live without.
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Podcast creator and media personality Zoe Marshall doesn’t find her husband’s bathroom “squalor” particularly sexy. Even the smallest drop on the toilet seat is enough to spoil the romance, she laughs. “I don’t want to share or smell bathroom odours,” explains Zoe, who married NRL coach Benji Marshall in 2013. “So, ever since we moved in together, we’ve had separate bathrooms. The only time we share a bathroom is if we’re on a holiday!”

Zoe and Benji also have separate bedrooms, citing snoring, different bedtimes and Benji’s lack of cushion styling nous as the reason for their ‘sleep divorce’.

Zoe and Benji Marshall Sydney home teal bed
(Credit: Photography: Chris Warnes)

While entirely separate bathrooms aren’t overly common, “his and hers” vanities are a growing trend, says Evalyn Nicholas, interior design director at DS407. Evalyn recently helped Zoe, Benji and their two children transform their beautiful new family home on Sydney’s lower north shore. “This design concept adds a touch of personalisation and convenience, allowing each individual to have their own dedicated space for grooming,” explains Evalyn. “The demand for additional make-up or ‘get-ready’ zones has also been on the rise.”

Having his and her bathrooms allowed Zoe and Benji to create very different spaces, aesthetically. With Benji having few opinions about interiors, the bathroom design process was easy to navigate. “Benji just wanted enough space in his vanity and drawers for his manscaping needs, but apart from that, he’s very low maintenance,” reveals Zoe.

Looking for bathroom ideas for your own sanctuary (or, sanctuaries)? The Marshalls’ dual bathrooms are sure to inspire you.

Separate bathroom ideas

What’s more fun than a bathroom renovation? Two bathroom renovations. If you have the space and budget to design separate bathrooms, don’t take a cookie-cutter approach, advises Evalyn. Make it personal.

“This is your personal space, where you’ll unwind, get ready and start your day,” she says. “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Be brave with your choices, whether it’s bold colours, unique fixtures or playful patterns.” If colour isn’t your modus operandi, you can still create an original yet timeless look by playing with textures, tapware and tile formats, suggests Evalyn. This, of course, applies to separate bathroom vanities too if space — or plumbing facilities — is at a premium.  

Zoe and Benji Marshall Sydney home white bathroom
Zoe’s bathroom design combines seamless walls by Venetian Plaster Gallery, a Marquis Cove wall-hung vanity with fluted doors from The Blue Space and an elegant freestanding bath. The Freya candle snuffer is from Mecque. (Credit: Photography: Chris Warnes)

Zoe and Benji definitely tapped into their individual personalities and needs when finessing their bathroom designs. Benji’s bathroom is “masculine” while Zoe’s is a light-filled retreat. “He’s got a black toilet, and the tiles are dark. It’s moody and sexy,” describes Zoe. “Whereas mine feels almost like a tropical vacation bathroom. It’s all Venetian plaster with no seams or tiles and is so light and airy. It’s a very different luxe aesthetic.”

Zoe and Benji Marshall Sydney home black bathroom
With its dark tile, vanity, basin and tapware, Benji’s bathroom contrasts Zoe’s more feminine sanctuary. The vase is from Papaya, the towels were sourced at Saardé and the body brush and soap holder (on shelf) are by Oliver Thom. (Credit: Photography: Chris Warnes)

Yes, its heavenly pastel vibe is Pinterest-worthy, but Zoe’s bathroom is also practical. Being a TV presenter and content creator, Zoe requires good natural light for makeup and hair. And as host of the no-holds-barred podcast The Deep — in which she interviews everyone from nude yogis to ex-criminals — Zoe probably needs some time to decompress. So, a freestanding bath was a must (not that she gets to soak in it often… or, ever). “I’ve never used the bath and if that’s not the most mother-esque thing to say, I don’t know what is! That must change, starting now.” Zoe and Benji are quickly becoming seasoned renovators. Take a peek at the couple’s former home in Sydney’s Canada Bay.

Zoe Marshall’s bathroom renovation tips

Look for easy-to-clean bathroom materials

“Venetian plaster is the easiest thing ever to keep clean,” offers Zoe. “I love that our bathrooms are not overly covered in glass, as well.”

Have a clear vision

“Make your inspiration boards super clear, because you otherwise might bring in many different concepts that don’t make sense,” explains Zoe. “For example, you could say, ‘I want something masculine, but then I want a lot of florals.’ Having them all on a board helps you or your designer navigate your bathroom design ideas.”

Trust the professionals

“We had some communication issues with some of the team and had to waterproof my bathroom twice,” reveals Zoe. “Because Venetian plaster is such a new thing, you need a whole team that understands it. So, I should have probably gone with the Venetian plasterers’ choice of plumbers.”

Zoe and Benji Marshall Sydney home his and hers bathroom
Zoe and Benji’s kids, Fox and Ever, also get the ‘his and her’ bathroom treatment with these cute individual bathroom vanities.  (Credit: Photography: Chris Warnes)

Zoe Marshall’s bathrooms: shop the look


Bao fluted 1700mm freestanding bath, The Blue Space

$2051 (usually $2413)

With a matte white fluted V-groove finish, this bath will add quiet luxury to your bathroom design.


Assouline ‘Marrakech Flair’ Travel From Home candle, David Jones


Created by renowned perfumer Jérome Epinette, the Assouline range of home candles transports you to exotic destinations.


Aelbix Bally 20cm pendant light in antique gold, The Blue Space

$100 (usually $115)

A bit glam, a bit traditional and a serious mood-setter, this pendant shines… literally and figuratively.


Saardé Vintage Wash towel in nutmeg, The Iconic


Designed in Australia and made of Turkish cotton, Saardé towels look equally gorgeous draped over a bath or a body.


Nood Co Funl Basin in charcoal, The Blue Space


Handcrafted in Western Australia, Nood Co’s concrete surface-mount basins add gravitas and texture to any bathroom vanity.


Leif Boronia hand wash 500ml, Aura Home


Handcrafted in Western Australia, Nood Co’s concrete surface-mount basins add gravitas and texture to any bathroom vanity.


Lifestyle Traders Libo magnesium oxide vase, Temple & Webster

from $219 (usually $299)

Magnesium oxide is durable enough for a kids’ bathroom or even outdoor use, but this stunning vessel doesn’t skimp on style.


Inka Arthouse Black Nude by Henri Matisse print, The Iconic

from $60

Surprise guests and give yourself a daily pop of inspiration by incorporating art into your bathroom design.

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