Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Create the ultimate retreat with these 12 luxury bathroom design ideas

Whether you're after bold, budget, classy or cosy luxury master bathroom ideas, we've got you covered.

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that bathrooms aren’t just for washing your hair or flossing your incisors. A bathroom can be a place for respite and rejuvenation, me time and scrolling mindlessly through makeup tutorials (Trinny, you are God). Bathrooms are for self-care.

So, you should up the comfort and aesthetics by shooting for a luxury bathroom design that makes your heart flutter when you enter. And by ‘luxury’, we don’t necessarily mean ‘expensive’. Luxurious bathrooms simply have finishes, fixtures and styling decor that look and feel lovely.

“When it comes to creating a sense of luxury in bathrooms, it’s all about appealing to both the visual and tactile senses,” says Ari Zorlu, managing director of bathroomware supplier Paco Jaanson.

We’ve rounded up 12 of the best luxury bathroom ideas to inspire your next bathroom or ensuite overhaul.

Luxury bathroom with fully tiled shower
A fully tiled shower is the epitome of a luxury bathroom, and the overhead rain shower gives spa vibes. These were sourced from Tile Cloud. (Credit: Photography: Brigid Arnott)

1. Designer bathrooms have floor-to-ceiling tiles 

If you can, fully tiling your bathroom or shower is a surefire way to boost the wow factor. In this ensuite in a family home on NSW’s Central Coast, the serene tones of these floor-to-ceiling tiles create a ‘pixelated’ effect. The glass louvres add a bonus touch of practical luxury.

To mitigate the cost of tiling, you could install a feature tile only in certain areas, such as the shower or splashback. Or, take the luxe tiles up to head height then finish the job with a cheaper large-format tile to the ceiling — or subway tiles, which 100% suits a luxury Hamptons-style bathroom.

Modern luxury bathroom with American oak vanity and grey stone benchtop and tiles
American oak joinery adds warmth and tactility to this effortlessly relaxed yet modern bathroom by King Homes in Sydney. (Credit: Photography: Nat Spadavecchia | Styling: Fiona Gould)

2. Luxury bathrooms warm up with wood

It’s tempting to take the safe route and install a white 2-pac vanity in your bathroom. If budget allows, stretch the imagination with warmer timber or veneer joinery. This can balance the coolness of stone or marble tiles and benchtops, too. 

“Having ample storage space in the form of a vanity or tallboy will also keep the bathroom clutter-free and add a sense of luxe,” says Ari. Good point. In this bathroom, a custom-made American oak cabinet pairs beautifully with a Talostone bench and porcelain wall and floor tiles, punctuated by a black ‘Mizu Drift’ tap from Reece.

Luxury bathroom with dual sinks, arched mirrors and a rattan vanity
Dual basins spell luxury in this master bathroom, along with a rattan vanity and arched mirrors — which were nabbed at Kmart and customised by the owner. (Credit: Photography: John Downs | Styling: Tahn Scoon)

3. Luxury bathrooms have double vanities and basins 

If space allows, install dual bathroom sinks and an extra-wide vanity — the cornerstones of luxury bathroom design. Imagine not jostling for elbow room when you’re brushing your teeth or doing your skincare routine! 

And get it off the ground. “Floating vanities with lots of hidden storage are such a great way to hide the clutter without making the room feel crowded,” says Fiona Gould, stylist at bathroom supplier House of Rohl.

Powder room with wallpaper, artworks and a decorative mirror
OK, technically this is a powder room designed by Anna Spiro, but the gallery of artworks, decorative mirror and green wallpaper are inspiring. (Credit: Photography: Dave Wheeler | Styling: Corina Koch)

4. Luxurious bathrooms display artworks (yes, really)

Fiona has been seeing more “layered design” among luxury master bathroom ideas lately, which makes the bathroom feel more connected to the rest of the home — rather than a minimalist, functional addition.

“We’re bringing in more decorative elements traditionally not seen in bathrooms, such as artwork, small furniture, open shelving to display beautiful accessories, greenery and soft furnishings like curtains and rugs,” she explains.

Of course, moisture is the enemy of art. To avoid any mould or damage, ensure the bathroom is well-ventilated (open windows and doors wherever possible) and don’t hang your most precious pictures in there. You could also swap framed artwork for more durable wall-hung sculptures.    

Luxury bathroom with freestanding bath, bath filler and VJ panels
A Victoria & Albert ‘Elwick’ bath, paired with Bastow Georgian tapware from Reece, slots in nicely in this Brisbane bathroom. (Credit: Photography: Mindi Cooke | Styling: Rachel Honner)

5. A freestanding bath is the hero of any luxury bathroom 

“You can’t go past a freestanding statement bath for the ultimate luxury factor in a bathroom design,” explains Fiona. “Something with a timeless shape like the ‘York’ from Victoria & Albert is a showstopper.” To really up the ante, complement your bath with grand tapware such as a Georgian-style exposed tub filler, adds Fiona, plus a bath caddy so books and beverages are close at hand.

“An in-built sound system so that you can listen to your fave music also makes for a spa-like experience,” she adds.     

White and timber luxury bathroom styled with dried flowers, a candle and plush towel.
Styling your bathroom with greenery or flowers, a candle and other decor can really give you a boost in the morning! (Credit: Photography: Brigid Arnott)

6. Luxury bathrooms are styled with inexpensive touches

“Special little details like a small vase of flowers — or foliage that will last you weeks — on the vanity, a burning candle, luxurious hand soap and fluffy cotton towels,” are the accoutrement that makes a bathroom feel chic yet cosy, says Fiona.

You could also pop a cascading plant such as Pothos on an open shelf. Complete the picture with a tactile rug, bathrobe, ye olde body or nail brush (try Pepperwhites by Tara Dennis) and divine hand cream. Best of all, these additions won’t break your budget. 

Heritage bathroom with vintage chair
This bathroom in a bucolic cottage in NSW’s Southern Tablelands is given a personal touch with a vintage chair, which was restored by the owner. (Credit: Photography: Brigid Arnott | Styling: Jodie Gibbons)

7. Designer bathrooms are personalised with furniture 

Luxury is defined as a ‘state of great comfort or elegance’, which is the opposite of an unadorned, minimalist wet room. To make your bathroom feel truly luxe, consider introducing furniture pieces — especially something to sit on other than the toilet — and the older, the better (try 1st Dibs).

“A mix of old and new is really exciting me in bathroom design,” says Fiona. “Vintage mirrors, upcycled vanities and antique stools, for example, can be paired with more luxury modern bathroom elements for a really unique result.”

Pro tip: to protect against moisture, reupholster a vintage dining chair with weatherproof fabric, often used in outdoor furniture

Luxury bathroom with green tiles and arched mirrors
In this North Bondi penthouse designed by SJB, green zellige tiles in varied tones pop against the richness of the timber bench and niches. (Credit: Photography: Anson Smart)

8. Luxury bathroom design calls for colour 

A cohesive colour palette is the foundation of any high-end bathroom, reckons Fiona. She suggests selecting two to three different colours, max, and varying the shades within those colours. “This can be in varying forms of texture, for example through handmade textured tiles, a statement coloured bath, wall paint or the vanity material,” explains Fiona. 

The key to a balanced palette when combining various hues is to choose a neutral colour, a dominant colour and an accent colour. The world is your oyster when it comes to colour selection, but whatever you choose will set the tone of your sacred bathroom space. Earthy, organic or fair colours will evoke a day-spa-like feel, whereas rich primary colours such as red, blue or yellow can be super stimulating.    

Timber and grey luxury bathroom with coloured pendant light
A ‘Piper’ sculptural glass pendant from Jardan adds colour and dimension to this terrazzo and timber bathroom. (Credit: Photography: Jody D’Arcy | Styling: Alex Carter)

9. Luxury bathroom decor pops with a pendant 

Pendant lights will free up wall or backsplash space in your luxury bathroom while adding a design-ery touch. “Set the mood with a beautiful pendant light, which not only adds a touch of decoration to the bathroom but casts soft, calming pockets of light — with interesting shadows depending on your choice of shade,” offers Fiona. Use dimmable lights so that you can tailor the tone at night.

Placing a pendant or sconce light on either side of your bathroom mirror will also provide optimal lighting for makeup application, according to Beacon Lighting, because the light will bounce off the mirror and onto your face. Overhead lights unfortunately cast downward shadows (and no one wants that).  

Luxury bathroom with yellow wallpaper
Hello yellow: Anna Spiro Textiles ‘Flora’ wallpaper in Saffron is the hero of this luxury powder room. (Credit: Photography: Louise Roche / Styling: Kylie Jackes)

10. Wallpaper equals luxurious bathroom design

Yes, you can use wallpaper in the bathroom to increase the luxury factor! Wallpaper works particularly well in a powder room or a luxury Hamptons-style bathroom. Vinyl wallpaper is more humidity-resistant and often easy to remove, however, you can apply paper or fabric wallpaper if you adhere (ahem) to some rules. 

Your bathroom should be adequately ventilated to nix moisture and steam by way of an extractor (or, exhaust) fan, window or operable skylight. Underfloor heating can also help a bathroom dry out daily. Coat the wallpaper after application; you can also seal the edges — where the wallpaper meets benchtops, architraves, cornices, skirting boards or tiles — with silicone caulking to prevent moisture from getting behind the paper.  

Pink tiled bathroom shower with brass tapware
High-quality brass tapware complement the Moroccan pink glazed tiles from Tiles of Ezra in this bathroom on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. (Credit: Photography: Dave Wheeler | Styling: Corina Koch)

11. Luxury bathrooms need quality tapware 

A luxury bathroom isn’t complete without next-level tapware, and don’t stop at one showerhead. “Multiple shower outlets with a showerhead, hand shower and body jets will help create a spa-like experience,” says Ari.

While brass, chrome and matte black are classic options, Ari is vibing on coloured tapware and accessories at the moment. “They can bring a high-end feel to even the most basic bathrooms without breaking the bank.” If you love marble but not the price tag, check out Paco Jaanson’s new Marmo range, which incorporates marble elements into the tapware itself.

White and grey luxury bathroom with marble, brass hardware and a light sconce
This Smith + Levine-designed bathroom features the Compact 2.0 wall light by Snelling Studio and swivelling mirrors for added functionality. (Credit: Photography: Simon Whitbread)

12. Wall lights wow in a luxury modern bathroom

As per the pendant light, a wall light (or, sconce) positioned to the side of the bathroom mirror lights up your face perfectly for makeup or shaving. It can also provide calm, subdued atmospheric lighting.

Mood lighting is key… especially around cabinets and mirrors, which can enhance the overall ambience and create a soothing atmosphere,” advises Ari. Remember to include wiring for wall lights in your luxury bathroom design before you even think about tiling.

Of course, a beautifully designed sconce also adds an architectural element to a luxurious bathroom. It’s all about the details, right? 

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