Hampton Style Bathroom Ideas

A classic Hamptons-inspired bathroom

A sophisticated palette, elegant furnishings and creative tiling bring this bathroom to life.
Shania Shegedyn

There’s a reason why we all want to emulate Hamptons-style homes. The resort-like aesthetic is easy-going but delivered in a classic and sophisticated way.

And there’s no room more suited to the Hamptons-aesthetic than the bathroom. If you’re looking to bring a touch of East Coast elegance into your own home, we’ve found the perfect bathroom to inspire. Take note of the 6 key elements of this incredible Hamptons-inspired bathroom.

1. Grand scale

High ceilings and broad dimensions in the bathroom of this Melbourne home evoke a sense of grandeur. Its proportions allow height for dramatic lighting (Beacon Lighting’s ‘Vaille’ pendant is similar) and space for classy elements such as a vintage claw-foot bath. There’s also room for functional storage.

2. Niche market

This shower nook was framed into the wall cavity early on in the renovation, and is both a design feature and a space-saving strategy. “It eliminates the need for additional hardware, such as glass shelves or caddies, so it’s a clever way to provide storage that doesn’t add distracting bulk,” says interior designer Serena Elise of White Chalk Design. For a similar gooseneck showerhead, try White Bathroom Co’s ‘Chisel’.

Photographer: Shania Shegedyn

3. Feet first

Small tiles on a floor, especially in a larger room, take an underfoot arena into wow-factor territory. Marble is a style staple of the classic bathroom, while introducing shapes like penny rounds, fish scales or hexagons – such as these sourced from Southern Tile – add both visual interest and a textural finish with repeated grout lines.

4. Get a grip

Traditional Shaker-style cabinetry is given a delicate touch with shell cabinet knobs from Mother Of Pearl & Sons Trading. “The handle softened the look of the cabinetry,” says interior designer Serena Elise. “It is a whimsical touch and it influences the whole look.” For a similar hexagonal mirror, try Etsy.

Photographer: Shania Shegedyn

5. Upon reflection

Whether opting for an elaborate frame, a crested arch or a sleek silhouette, the bathroom vanity mirror is crucial when seeking a refined finish. Serena selected a frameless mirror with a fine bevelled edge from Alligator Glass. “It’s a small detail consistent with the traditional bathroom,” says Serena.

“All of these finer details are small in isolation – but when pulled together they’re so important in executing a well-thought-out design. Using a marble vanity kicker keeps the theme of natural products, but changing the pattern creates subtle interest,” says Serena.

6. Classic touch

Elegant details are instrumental in evoking a spa-like feel to any classic bathroom. A striking chandelier is a sure-fire way to ramp up the glam factor, and luxurious textures play their part. “By adding a sheer linen curtain as a backdrop for the bath, it ensures a soothing and comforting feeling – not to mention a touch of romance,” says interior designer Serena Elise.

Photographer: Shania Shegedyn

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