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Luxury bathrooms just took an unusual turn

And you wont believe where we're headed next!
Boundary Space

If retro glamour is your thing, perhaps with a side of smashed avo, one designer is changing the world of bathrooms to your taste.

UK based design company Boundary Space, frustrated with limited options for fixtures and fittings for the modern bathroom are mixing it up with a different kind of glamour – reviving the avocado bathroom.

“Even at the luxury end of the bathroom market, there has been little innovation in sanitary-ware in recent years, so when a client of ours in the film industry asked us to design them something unique, we wondered if it was time for a revival,” says the Boundary team. “We wanted to create a sense of glamour and so often designers think glamour and end up with a deco inspired look.

Avocado bathrooms are making a comeback | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Boundary Space)

This palette is then modernised by the designers with bespoke lighting, ‘chunky’ brushed brass taps and ‘cool’ grey Carrara marble. The use of greys continues into the joinery and furniture. 

“The client wanted a sense of luxury, without being stuffy and classical. Space is always luxurious and the bath next to a fireplace adds an element of decadence, turning the room into a destination,” says the Boundary team.

Clever storage solutions include a full height cabinet recessed into what was an alcove next to a chimney and shallow vanity units concealed behind bespoke mirrors. These architectural touches help to continue that feeling of an airy, uncluttered space.

Avocado bathrooms are making a comeback | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Boundary Space)

“We wanted a fresher take on a classic design and looked instead to the glamour of PanAM, Farrah Fawcett and the 70’s.”

The ‘Kathryn’ pedestal sink is from Kohler was refinished to achieve the colour. “Kohler are known for their colours and we are discussing with them how we can revive the image of avocado,” says Boundary. Similarly, the ‘Soho’ bath from JEE-O was custom sprayed, “But we would like to work with more suppliers to get colour back into their ranges. Hopefully soon all this expensive refinishing will not be needed, and bathrooms can break out of the white and embrace some colour.”

HB Deputy Editor Jane Parbury is sold. “This has GOT to be a winner!!” she enthuses. “The relaunch of the avocado bathroom… in style.”

“Now all they need is the hospital-pink one revitalised…” Jane quips.

What’s your verdict?

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