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Royal Flush! 4 Modern Toilet Features Fit For A King & Queen

From no flush to pull chain to a silent (royal) flush, the humble toilet has come a long way!

In fact, it was only 50-odd years ago that the ‘outback thunderbox’ was a norm for most Australian farming families and many suburban and metro homes.

This outback toilet was exactly that – out the back of the house. With no flush, no lighting, no sewerage line and no shelter from the main house to the box. It didn’t matter if you were a King or Queen or a toddler, the whole household shared the same, cramped tin-shed style thunderbox. In fact, often household residents shared the facility with red back spiders and snakes, too!  

Today’s new design toilets are a lot more luxurious compared to the days of ol’!

But of course you’ll need to look for products that are cost and time efficient to install, for that to pay off. Alas, we’ve done the hard work for you and come up with four modern toilet features fit for a king and queen. And the best bit? You won’t need a royal bank account to score them. 

Here’s what to look for …

1\ Affordable and smart

You don’t need to spend a fortune on your toilet to experience features fit for a royal king or queen. The Sanicompact 43® is not only affordable but comes with all the bells and whistles of a regular toilet, with cistern less electric dual flush. Creative renovators are redoing bathrooms on a budget or are transforming unused spaces such as under staircases, basements, attics and cupboards into second or third toilets. These additional toilets can add additional value to your home.

2\ Compact designs

When function meets flair, you have a perfect royal match! Compact toilet designs marry ergonomic shape and design, so the royal throne is comfortable and stylish, with practicalities and size.

In fact, the modern compact designs are so compact (some only 43cm deep with a 25mm evacuation diameter pipe to ensure discretion), so you to add a toilet to just about any existing space, no matter what size – an ensuite, the broom cupboard, the laundry… all while ‘looking the part!’.

But how, you ask, when there is no waste line? Well, that takes us to point 3. Modern technology…

3\ Modern technology

Traditionally, the addition of a new royal loo required breaking the concrete or ripping up the floor to build conventional plumbing lines to the main sewerage.  Not anymore. Today’s modern technology allows toilet suites to operate much more efficiently. With macerating toilet suites the waste is grinded and sent through a thin pipeline to the septic tank. Hooray! The new designs can pump up to 3m vertical and 30m horizontal with a 25mm pressure pipe. A water supply, a discharge pipe and an electrical outlet are all you need for installation of this modern macerating toilet suite.

4\ Economic and environmentally friendly

Yes, technically this is two points, but the two go hand in hand. Because modern toilet designs with an ECO+ dual-flush system only consume 1.8L to 3L of water per flush, saving water usage and consequently, money. Look for the 6-star WELS rating in water saving. Nobody wants to be pouring money down the drain, so to speak!

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