5 ways to create a hotel-like bedroom

How to bring a touch of luxury into your home
Temple and Webster


There is nothing better than sinking into a soft mattress, crisp white sheets and fluffy pillows when treating yourself to a luxurious getaway. We put together five clever decorating ideas so you can recreate that holiday feeling and enjoy it all year ’round. 



Statement furniture

According to Temple and Webster, the right furniture can make all the difference when designing your bedroom retreat. A soft, neutral palette allows you to play with colour and accessories. Here, classic meets glam with elegant quilted button detailing on the Italian new Chester bed while touches of gold in the bedside table and desk add glamour for that five-star feel.

(Credit: Temple and Webster)

Superior sheets

Admittedly, hotel perks include fresh sheets daily. While you may not have this at home, choosing quality sheets can really help bringing that holiday feeling home. Crisp sheets, a white textured quilt cover set, plump mattress topper for extra comfort and waffle throw will all help to create a Zen space.

Mood lighting

Soft, demure lighting creates ambience. Embrace a subtle glow with a bedside lamp or pair of wall sconces to enhance the luxe feel. A stunning chandelier adds instant glam and will take your space up a notch.

Perfect towels

Hotels seem to have the most wonderful towels; thick, soft and fluffy, not to mention those beautiful, soft robes. Refresh your linen closet with a set of thick, velvety soft cotton towels in white.

Treat yourself

Lastly, hotels always have little goodies to indulge. Stock up on your favourite products, such as body lotions, scrubs, oils and candles, and enjoy a pamper session at home.

(Credit: Temple and Webster)

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