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If your wardrobe seems to shrink every few months, you’re not alone. We’ve got some great wardrobe storage ideas for clothes, shoes, bags and accessories to keep them in good condition and handy for everyday use. Here are our top five ways to get more out of your internal wardrobe storage space and get on with your (fashionable) life.

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You might be lucky enough to have a generous walk-in wardrobe, or perhaps just a little vintage number with cute legs and tiny fixed shelves. Either way, there are things you can do to maximise the space you have to work with.

1. Install shelves

A simple wardrobe storage organiser trick is to install floating shelves on walls and inside cupboards. This can double the size of your inside wardrobe storage space by using the full height, adding room for easy-access containers to aid organisation.

2. Repurpose bookshelves

If your wardrobe is simply too small to accommodate all of your clothing, shoes and accessories, consider diversifying your storage. Allocate bedroom bookshelves to baskets for active wear or winter tights. Store scarves or handbags on the back of your door or fold them into baskets. Free up wardrobe hanging storage by looking to areas elsewhere – even in other rooms – to accommodate shoes, evening dresses and bulky coats. 

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3. Hooks everywhere

Hanging hooks seems like a tiny task but it can revolutionise the way your store things. Use smaller hooks for lightweight items and heavier-duty screw-in hooks for bulky things and extra hanging wardrobe storage. Look to wasted space behind your door or inside wardrobe doors to hang robe hooks for coats and jackets, gym and laptop bags to keep things off the floor and out of your wardrobe.


4. Seasonal blanket bags

If you don’t already alternate your wardrobe contents according to the season, this tip will change your life. As the season begins to get cooler or warmer, start a blanket bag or dedicated wardrobe storage boxes for items you’re no longer reaching for. It will only be a matter of weeks before you can remove all your summer – or winter – clothes and store them elsewhere in the attic or spare room until the weather changes again. Better still, try this hack for the ultimate wardrobe declutter.

walkin wardrobe
An audit of your wardrobe storage can change your life.

5. Modular storage kits

If your budget can stretch, take the plunge to invest in custom wardrobe storage systems. Measure up your wardrobe’s internal space or the area you have for your free-standing garment rack. Then, purchase wardrobe storage drawers, shelving or an entire modular system to make more efficient use of the space so not a centimetre is wasted.


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