Winter warming

A deliciously decorated bedroom makes snuggling under the bed covers even more delightful
Cath Muscat

A good night’s sleep is important to your health, so when the weather turns wintry, make sure your bedroom is the relaxing sanctuary it should be. Your bed is the key factor here, with your choice of mattress and quilt ensuring your nights remain restful. Add a luscious and inviting mix of fabrics and finishes and you will create an intimate space that will be difficult to resist.

bedroom decorate
Richly textured rugs and throws are not only warming but visually appealing too (Credit: Eve Wilson)

Imbue your bedroom with layers of stony greys and charcoals to create a tranquil space.

Bed Basics

Crisp linen and layers of plush throws, blankets and cushions will make your bedroom an instant drawcard, but it’s the hardware of your bed that will play an essential role in getting the sleep you need. Mattresses such as ‘Flex Gel’ from AH Beard are designed with fabrics that breathe and adapt to changes in body temperature, while electric blankets and mattress pads are great for taking that initial chill of mattresses, particularly those with gel toppers or made from memory foam, which can feel a little harder in colder temperatures. Wool mattress covers are also a good choice, and do more than just protect your mattress, explains Darren Turner from Mini Jumbuk. “They keep you cosy by stopping any cold or damp air rising from your mattress,” he says. In addition, wool regulates body temperatures, which means a better night’s sleep.

bedroom decorating
An upholstered bed in velvet or linen is at once cosy and luxurious (Credit: Prue Ruscoe)

Cover Up

Choosing the right quilt is crucial. Filled with down, wool, cotton or polyester, quilts are mostly categorised by how much warmth they offer. “Look for the right warmth but take into consideration the weight too,” says Darren Turner. “More expensive quilts have high-quality casings, so you get a lighter, softer feel. Natural fibres are best – look for pure cotton casings with a higher thread count.” On super-cold nights, add a lightweight blanket – but rather than spreading it on top of your bed, place it under the quilt to you’re not weighing down the quilt filling and reducing the trapped air.

Layering also helps to combat changes of temperature in the room. The hours between 2am and 6am are generally the coldest, so have that blanket ready and invest in good-quality sheets. Our top pick? Linen, if your budget will stretch, as this luxe fabric is soft against your skin and highly breathable.

As well as being practical, layered bedding also looks sumptuous and inviting. “An exposed blanket or throw folded at the end of the bed and a couple of layers of cushions always make a bed appear far more welcoming,” says Lisa Burdus, Interior Designer. And to create a restful, good-night scene, keep colours neutral and avoid clashing patterns.

“The most beautiful beds are layered”

Lisa Burdus
bedroom layering
Choose natural materials such as sisal for underfoot (Credit: Cath Muscat)

Soft Touch

Soothing textures are the key to taking a bedroom into dreamland. Wool-rich carpets are a great choice for underfoot, as are natural materials such as sisal and goat hair, which are also hypo-allergenic. 

Curtains are an ideal choice in bedrooms, thanks to their ability to block out light and protect against cool draughts. Heavier fabrics such as velvet, linen, wool and wool blends hang beautifully, and amp up the snuggle factor. Layer drapes with linen sheers for year-round appeal.

Briar Stanley of Sunday Collector says an upholstered bedhead in luxurious velvet or linen will also tempt you easily in to early nights. “I often incorporate a bedhead with side wings or a buttoned back and matching fabric valance,” says the stylist. “These really finish off a bedroom.”


For rooms with hard flooring, position one or more rugs so that they’re the first thing your feet touch when getting out of bed.

natural floorcovering
(Credit: Cath Muscat)

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