How to create a cosy bedroom for a cocooning feel

Forget the winter blues; retreat to a warm and welcoming space with our top tips.

When the mercury drops, there’s nothing better than retreating to a warm and welcoming bedroom.

Cultivating a snug atmosphere in your bedroom for winter is as easy as switching up your colour palette, bringing in new accessories and layering soft furnishings.

Keep reading for our top tips and ideas to transform your bedroom into a cosy cocoon for the cooler season (and beyond). 

Introduce ambient lighting options

Overhead lights provide visibility, but they don’t always create a relaxing atmosphere. In the cooler months when you’re craving comfort, switch off harsh overhead lights and turn to softer sources such as wall sconces and floor lamps.

Candles emit a beautiful fragrance and a luminescent, golden glow when you don’t require a bright light for reading. Try Ecoya’s new blackcurrant and tuberose scent for winter. 

Tuiss Blinds Online cosy bedroom
A low-hanging pendant creates a warm glow in this cosy bedroom, illuminating the Chinoiserie Duck Egg Roller Blind by Tuiss Blinds Online. (Credit: Photo: Supplied)

Use window furnishings to keep you warm

Stylish window furnishings bring texture, colour, and visual beauty to your bedroom, but on a practical level they also offer an additional layer of thermal protection in winter.

“Putting the right blind into your home reduces the cost of having your heater running at full capacity in the winter months and vice versa in the summer,” says Matthew Walsh, managing director of Tuiss Blinds Online.

“You can make your windows a design feature with beautiful brands and prints. This changes the look and feel of your home while still maintaining the energy efficiency, giving you the best of both worlds.”

Tuiss electric blinds — including motorised roller blinds, roman blinds, and zebra blinds — are compatible with the Tuiss SmartView App, so you can control the blinds from the comfort of your bed, or have them set on automatic timers. Plus, the automation system is battery operated and can be voice controlled via Siri on iOS devices, so it’s an easy DIY project!  

Lay beautiful rugs underfoot

 “Rugs can be used to help to lift dull and often small spaces. On a practical level, adding a rug will bring warmth and softness to hard floors in winter, in addition to softening the sounds of feet,” says Alexandra Tanya-Weller, creative director and cofounder of Miss Amara.

“Gradients and modern rugs are a great way to introduce light and depth to any space, so if you have low natural light a piece with a gentle motif could be just what you need to lift and enliven your bedroom,” the interior expert adds.

winter bedroom decorating
Leave at least three inches between the wall and the rug when styling rugs in the bedroom. (Credit: Photo: Tuiss Blinds Online)

Swap your sheets for a good quality quilt

Just as you layer jumpers or coats on cooler days to stay nice and cosy, you can layer your sheets and blankets on your bed, too. Swap thin sheets for thick and fluffy quilts to keep you toasty throughout wintry nights.

Materials like wool, bamboo, microfibre, feather and down are ideal fibres to keep the chills at bay. And don’t be afraid to decorate with layers of lush throws for extra padding and a pop of colour.     

Decorate with soft and soothing colours

While you might not want to repaint your walls every season, there’s a multitude of other ways you can refresh your bedroom with colour — from soft furnishings to bedspreads, floor rugs, and artwork.

“Blue is a calming and soothing hue that is ideal for introducing peace and harmony into any sized space, and green can give a space a natural and earthy look,” says Alexandra.

cosy bedroom ideas
Update your colour palette with soft shades to create a peaceful vibe, as seen in this bedroom with The Abelia Rose Quartz Roman Blind by Tuiss Blinds Online. (Credit: Photo: Supplied)

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