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Room recipe: painterly bedroom

Watercolour washes and warm greys beckon relaxation
Chris Warnes

Classic colour combinations and simplicity of style in the bedroom of artist Silvia McEwan.

This stunning pastel bedroom reflects the palette of Sylvia’s stunning artwork which takes pride of place above the bed.

What makes it work? Here’s our Room Recipe to show you how.

Room recipe: painterly bedroom | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Chris Warnes)

“It was important for our house to have a sense of space – the rooms needed to feel comfortable and relaxed and to seamlessly connect.”

Sylvia, homeowner


A bright neutral backdrop – half-strength Lexicon, Dulux.

Dark bed linen, The Designory

Statement chair, Tessa Furniture

Bold artwork, Sylvia McEwan Artwork


1. Paint the walls and skirting in the same light color to create a feeling of spaciousness.

2. Add some depth to the room and lay down textured flooring, such as a monochrome carpet. This plays a key role in defining the room’s palette.

3. Choose a single-colored bed linen to foster a sense of comfort and to create a seamless blend with the flooring.

4. Incorporate contrasting shapes by having a few scattered throw pillows on the bed in different colors such as dusty pink.

5. Fill surrounding spaces with a statement chair to add character whilst breaking up the soft lines of the room. An original Tessa lounge chair has been used here.

6. Include a statement artwork or two to bring some life into the room and that extra layer of luxe.

Get the look

Room recipe: painterly bedroom | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia

(left) Bemboka chain rib throw, $399, The Design Hunter; (centre) Delmont fixed chair & footstool, Tessa Furniture; (right) Liney cushion in Rosa, $93, The Design Hunter



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