Kids Bedroom Ideas

Dreamy kids’ bedroom styling and organisation ideas

Elevate your little one’s bedroom decor with these easy ideas.
Alana Landsberry.

If you are looking to makeover your child’s bedroom, you’ll want to create a space they love for sleep, play, homework and hanging out.  

Considering the decor, colour and design that your kids love now is important, but make sure you also think about what will work for them in the future, too. Plus, if you add in a few practical and organisational solutions, you’ll have the perfect room that will please everyone.

Bedroom design basics

While parents may love a ‘theme’, kids can often grow out of them quite quickly, so start with the basics – like wallpaper, paint and flooring – and work from there.

And we all know with children – whether toddlers, tweens or teens – that what they love today, they may loathe tomorrow. Adding in removable design elements like pictures, mirrors and rugs can brighten up a basic room and be changed-up easily.

Command Products are a home decorator’s dream, as they provide a damage-free way to organise, decorate and transform a space. The strips and hooks are simple to apply, hold strongly and remove cleanly when you come to refresh a room.

Keep reading for your guide to revamping your kids’ room and create a space so cool they won’t want to leave.

Hang a statement mirror

kids bedroom ideas
(Credit: Alana Landsberry.)

Hanging a mirror on a bedroom wall adds light, impact and brings energy to the room. We love this cloud-shaped piece for extra cute vibes. And whatever shape or style of mirror you choose, you can hang it easily using removable hooks – no nails, drills, screws or tools required!

Add art to a playful gallery wall

gallery wall ideas
(Credit: Getty Images, Dave Wheeler.)

Creating an art wall comprising the kids’ own creations is the gift that keeps on giving. Add in other colourful images and photos and change them up as often as you like. Their bright designs will instantly update and personalise their bedroom.

After framing the mini masterpieces, use the Command™ X-Large Picture Hanging Strips to hang big pieces. These damage-free Picture Hanging Strips come in multiple sizes, depending on the size of frame you are hanging.

Organise school bags

organise school bags
(Credit: Supplied.)

Heavy school bags can often be ditched by the door and forgotten, making a space look messy. Give backpacks a place of their own and keep them off the ground so they’re less of a trip hazard.

Find a wall that allows easy access to the bag, that your child can reach themselves, and add a hook. Make sure the hook you choose can handle a heavy school bag and ensure that it’s affixed at a height that’s low enough for your child to reach without pulling it off the wall. 

Bonus: Your mornings will run smoother as the kids will always know where their bags are stored.

Brighten up with fairy lights

sweet bedroom light ideas
(Credit: Getty Images, Supplied.)

Lights can add drama and ambiance to a child’s bedroom. And they are an easy addition to the room’s design.

Use Command™ Clear Adhesive Decorating Clips to discreetly hang fairy lights, ornaments and other light weight decorative items on bedroom walls and around windows. Get creative and create shapes with the lights, such as a zigzag or a heart shape.  

Display hats and accessories

hat organisation ideas
(Credit: Supplied, Alana Landsberry.)

Hanging hats, caps and accessories on the wall can brighten up a space and give kids a place to put their treasures when tidying; pick different sized hooks depending on the items you are hanging.

With a variety of sizes suitable for various weights and items, Command Products are easy to use and keep your walls safe and undamaged. 

Head down to your nearest Bunnings store or shop online to start your organising and decorating journey with Command™. For all the details of how to use Command Products and to pick the right Command Product for your project, visit Command™ Brand.

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