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3 kids’ bedroom decorating ideas grown-ups will want to steal

Expert tips to create your child’s dream bedroom
Kids room decorating ideas to stealGraham & Brown

We shake off our decorating shackles when designing our kid’s rooms and it’s so refreshing! Why not steal a few ideas for your own spaces…

1. Divide into zones and add a fun twist

“Designing a child’s bedroom isn’t all that different from designing something for an adult,” says Graham & Brown’s design and trends expert Paula Taylor. “It just means you can have a little more fun!” It’s important to remember that a multifunctional approach is key to a successful child’s bedroom. “Separate different areas of the room – one for focus and working, one for play, and one for relaxing,” Paula suggests. “Creating these different areas can be as simple as adding a desk or study lamp to encourage focus, in contrast to a play area with toys.”

Kids room decorating ideas to steal
Storage + style (Credit: Sue Stubbs)

2. Choose a theme

One of the reasons kids’ rooms are so much fun to decorate is that the design is often anchored by your child’s passions and personality. This concept can work just as well in the rest of your home, by hitting on a decorating style that speaks to your own passions.

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3. Include elements you can update

Whilst it’s wise (and economical) to make many of your decorating decisions with a view to the long term such as key furnishings and flooring, including decorative touches that can be swapped out or easily replaced is a brilliant way to update a space down the track. Paint and wallpaper are a good place to start and, in a kid’s room can run to wall murals or brightly coloured feature walls that can be changed in a weekend without breaking the budget. This attitude to decorating translates simply to your living room, hallway, powder room or master bedroom.

Kids room decorating ideas to steal
The Whole Wide World wall mural, Graham & Brown (Credit: Graham & Brown)
Why not a little wallpaper in the powder room?
Why not a little wallpaper in the powder room?

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