This mattress is a game-changer for hot nights

This new cool bed is literally cold to touch and will help you get some shut-eye when the temperature is soaring.
Koala Plus MattressImage: Koala

There’s nothing worse than spending the night tossing and turning because you’re too hot. With summer coming and predictions of El Niño to be on its way, there’s no relief in sight so the only option is to tweak your sleep environment to get some shut-eye. Enter, the new Koala Plus Mattress.

This is big news in the bed world. Specially designed for our sweaty Aussie summer nights, it has a moisture-wicking CoolThread design and contains advanced cooling gel, making the Koala Plus Mattress literally cool to the touch. You know that feeling when you find the cold side of the pillow? It’s like that, but for your whole body. Ahhhh.

The Koala Plus Mattress with a cooling design is the latest launch from the innovative furniture brand. (Image: Koala)

If you know anything about Koala, you know they’re not only geniuses when it comes to major innovations, but they also go above-and-beyond with the basics. So, it comes as no surprise that the Koala Plus Mattress is also ticking all the boxes for comfort and support, with 33 per cent more Kloudcell foam than previous mattresses in their range.

Anyone else in the sore-back brigade out there? You’ll also appreciate that the Koala Plus features support zones through its base, which takes the pressure off (quite literally across your entire body).

Depending on how much support you’re into, you can tailor the Koala Plus Mattress to suit. One side is designed to be medium-firm while the other delivers firm comfort, so flip to whichever side you like. Usually you have to commit to one or the other, so that’s pretty special.

Koala Plus Mattress
The Koala Plus Mattress contains cooling gel so you can sleep more soundly when it’s hot. (Image: Koala)

With the kind of extreme weather conditions we deal with here in Australia, it was high time there was an extreme solution. If you’ve been looking for a cooling mattress, this is all your dreams come true. The Koala Plus Mattress is here just in time as the mercury soars so we can all get a cooler night’s sleep.

Oh, and this goes one step further than a standard cooling mattress topper. It’s a whole bed designed to make you comfortable, whatever the weather. Yep, they haven’t forgotten the crisp winter nights either. When the temperature drops, just unzip and flip over the 2cm quilted topper to transition from crisp CoolThread when it’s hot to cosy Organic Cotton when it’s chilly. So it’s an all-year-round sleep-saver.

Koala Plus Mattress
The Koala Plus Mattress comes in single to king sizes so the whole family can stay cool on hot nights. (Image: Koala)

Topping Home Beautiful’s list of cool beds out there, the advanced Koala Plus Mattress comes in single, king single, double, queen and king sizes. With its flippable topper you can choose to sleep cooler or warmer depending on the season.

Plus the award-winning furniture brand does free and fast delivery on all mattresses and offers the famous Koala 120 night risk-free trial, so there’s nothing to lose… and only better sleep to gain. We’ll sleep to that.

Head to the Koala website to check out the Koala Plus Mattress.

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