7 ways to beat the heat in your bedroom this summer

Create a cool sanctuary for some quality rest and relaxation.
Coastal style bedroomPhotography: Louise Roche | Styling: Kylie Jackes

With summer approaching, Australians can expect warmer-than-average maximum temperatures and drier conditions due to El Niño, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. If you look forward to summer nights with dread, however, due to the lack of air circulation, influx of bugs and stifling heat as you retire each night, short of moving your entire bedroom out onto the balcony, there are some things you can do to beat the heat at night.

1. Block out the heat by day

Adequate window coverings are key to keeping the heat out during the day and maintaining an even temperature indoors for maximum cooling efficiency. Particularly in bedrooms that receive direct sunlight, draw curtains, shutters and blinds against the heat during the morning and middle of the day, opening them up to allow cool breezes later on.

Decorative blinds add a nice contrast to the original wainscoting in this cottage bedroom.

2. Create good air flow

Ensure you have fresh air circulating in the room. This works two-fold to keep bugs at bay and provide an optimum temperature for sleeping. Whether you choose air conditioning or ceiling fans, consider your options carefully and invest in a solution that is energy-wise and sustainable for the long haul – summer after summer.

hamptons inspired bungalow upper north shore main bedroom turret
Nothing beats a fan for great air circulation. (Photography: Chris Warnes / Styling: Lucy Gough)

3. A cool mattress

The latest in mattress technology means cool comfort year round for hot sleepers or the flexibility to change up your mattress temperature depending on the time of year. Look to product like the Koala Plus Mattress for maximum comfort during the heat of the night.

4. Install fly screens

There’s nothing better than a cool breeze at the end of the day and ideally, you’ll be able to take advantage of summer breezes as they hit in the afternoon and evenings throughout the warmer months. Fixing fly screens to your windows means you can throw open your windows with abandon and without fear of the arrival of an army of flies and mosquitos.

The longer threads in 100% linen sheets provide cool comfort in summer and snuggly warm nights in winter. (Image courtesy of Bed Threads)

5. Choose breathable bed linen

Changing out your heavy bedlinen for cooler options makes for a healthier and much more comfortable sleep. Opt for natural fibres in your sheeting such as linen or cotton over polyester blends and put away your heavy quilt in favour of a knitted cotton blanket or coverlet for when the nights are a little cooler, but not actually cold.

“The hardworking natural fibres of pure 100% French flax linen regulate temperature and adjust accordingly, making them cool in the heat and toasty when it’s cold.”

Genevieve Rosen-Biller, Founder, Bed Threads

6. Drinking water

This may sound obvious, but having a handy supply of drinking water at your bedside means you’re more likely to rehydrate through the night with ease. Lying in bed thirsty is no way to spend the night!


7. A cool shower before bedtime

Whether it’s your habit to shower in the morning or at night-time, a shower just before bed and leaving your skin a little damp when it’s a particularly hot night works wonders to keep your body temperature down and aid rest.

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