Tara Dennis’ top tips for a better night’s sleep

How to create the right space for sleeping well
Cath Muscat

Quality sleep is essential yet so few of us ever seem to achieve it on a regular basis. 

Tara Dennis

Routines and rituals calm your mind and help trigger sleep. Plan your evening so you don’t end up going to bed too late. If you can, try to eat as early as possible and avoid the late night sugary treats and alcohol as they are proven to interfere with sleep patterns. 

Be organised. Not only will this make for a quicker exit in the morning, but it will help you eliminate worry while you’re trying to fall asleep. Write lists, lay out clothes, and get lunches organised to prepare for the day ahead. 

Burning candles before to going to bed is not only calming, but certain fragrances are said to help keep your mood up and generally make you feel good. Circa Home’s 1981 Neroli and Vanilla candle is based on Amber, Neroli, Jasmine and Vanilla. The fragrance is warm and comforting; perfect for unwinding after a busy day.

(Credit: Cath Muscat)

Decorate with sleep in mind. Cool, calm colours such as blues and greens will help to keep the room a tranquil relaxing space and help stimulate sleep. Clear away any clutter where possible. A good bedside lamp with a warm white globe is preferable to overhead lighting. Bright, blue lights stimulate the mind and keep us awake. 

A good mattress is a must, but is your bed too small? If you share a bed you may want to consider moving from a double to a queen, or a queen to a king size, if space permits. More room allows for a comfortable, relaxed sleep.

Keep it cool. The optimum sleeping temperature is around 18-20 degrees celsius, so find what works for you in terms of air temperature, and adjust your bedding accordingly. Open a window, use a fan or air conditioner to regulate the air flow, and try swapping a doona for a blanket if you find you’re too hot at night. Alternatively if it’s cool, try swapping out the electric blanket for a cosy pair of pyjamas and add an extra layer. 

Close-up of feather detail on bed
(Credit: Cath Muscat)

Block out light with quality window treatments to keep your bedroom dark and quiet. If you find it hard to control noise, use ear plugs to help give you a peaceful sleep. 

Little changes to your sleep routine can drastically affect your performance day to day so it’s well worth finding the best way for you to get a good nights sleep. 

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