Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Decorating tips for teen bedrooms

Stylish, practical and functional.


The room needs to be functional enough to cope with homework and electronics, with enough storage to hide stray shoes, after-school mess and lingering toys with ease.  Decorating is expensive, so you also want this room to last longer than just a couple of years. Have no fear, we have some decorating tips for teen bedrooms that will set you up for success.

Start with a neutral palette

While their favourite colour might be electric blue right now, it may not be in several months’ time. When choosing paint colours for your teen’s bedroom, pick something entirely neutral so you have a blank canvas on which to incorporate new favourite colours and trends as your child grows up. Whites, creams and greys are all excellent bases that can be dressed up or down with different colours and materials.

Pick timeless basics

When it comes to choosing new furniture try selecting pieces that are timeless in shape, style and colour. Mid-century furniture works well into multiple themes, from retro to bohemian and beyond. Sleek white furniture will look clean and cohesive, while timber furniture in classic designs brings an organic feel to the space. This way the furniture can be dressed up and accessorised to cater to trends as they come and go, and made to feel more sophisticated as your teenager grows up.


Maximise space and storage

Extra space and storage is truly a godsend in the bedrooms of children and teenagers. It provides endless opportunities to hide away mess, clutter and toys in minutes, while still looking chic and pulled together. In a kid’s room, try a triple-tiered side table, wall units and vertical solutions such as floating shelves and hooks. A bookshelf filled with matching baskets is an easy way to disguise paraphernalia on open shelving. If your child has a penchant for keeping things neat and tidy, open shelving also provides an opportunity for them to display their favourite trinkets, sports trophies and other personal items.


Pick a theme

Brainstorm some ideas with your child about the theme or feel they want for their personal space. Work out their favourite colours, if they want to room to feel light, bright and airy, or more like a grandfather’s office or library, or perhaps they want a clubhouse feel. Whatever the theme, work out the kinds of colours, materials (like linen, cotton, sheepskin, hides, leather or rugs) and accessories that would suit that theme.

Dress the room

Adding finishing touches to the theme is the fun and affordable part. Hit up high street homeware shops and other affordable retailers (we love Kmart, Target, Aldi and Ikea!) for throw blankets, cushions, decorative items, curtains, ottomans or a beanbag that could suit the theme, then dress the room up with them to help your child personalize their space. A great way to inject colour into a bedroom is by picking up an affordable piece of art (or make your own!) and suspending it as a focal point somewhere in the room.


This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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