This unexpected ingredient makes everything taste better

But you're probably pouring it down the sink
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Next time you’ve gone through a bottle of pickles, don’t toss the leftover liquid down the sink.

This salty, spicy vinegar is packed with flavour and it can be used to take a number of dishes to the next level.

Basically, if any recipe calls for vinegar, replace it with pickling liquid for a taste sensation.

What to do with leftover pickling liquid | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
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Here are our five favourite ways to use leftover pickling liquid.

1. Add pickling liquid to chopped and smashed cucumbers for a tasty side dish.

2. Use the liquid as a simple dressing for a green salad.

3. Drizzle roasted potatoes with a tablespoon of pickling liquid then season with salt and pepper.

4. Add a dash of liquid to a potato salad for extra zest.

5. Splash some liquid on a platter of sliced ripe tomatoes for a spicy vinaigrette.


This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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