Furoshiki fabric gift wrap tutorial

Step outside the box with fabric gift-wrapping.
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Inspired by Furoshiki – a type of Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts and other goods, this fabric gift wrap tutorial will change the way you style not only Christmas but gift giving all year round.

It’s a perfect solution for when there’s no wrapping paper to be found, or to cut down on the waste created by non-cyclable gift paper. Seek out generous remnants of fabric at home that, with a simple knotting technique can create a reusable fabric gift wrap. Better still, combine the wrapping and gift in one by using a beautiful silk scarf, large tea towel or tablecloth to form your cloth gift wrap.

When partnered with natural touches such as a foraged leaf or dried flower, your Furoshiki gift wrap is a beautiful and eco-friendly cloth wrapping paper and the ideal solution for gift-wrapping with a carefree, sophisticated style.

You will need:

  • Pieces of fabric in assorted fibres and colours
  • Fabric scissors
  • Selection of flora
Fabric gift wrap tutorial
(Photography: Cath Muscat)

Tip: Select soft, natural fabrics such as linen or cotton for a touch of elegant simplicity. For bargain buys, search the remnant bins at your local fabric store.

How to DIY fabric gift wrap:

  1. Cut fabric to suit the size of your gift.
  2. For a square-shaped gift, lay the fabric flat and shaped like a diamond. Place gift in centre.
  3. Fold one corner over the gift. Fold the opposite corner over the top.
  4. Bring together the other two corners of fabric and tie in a knot to secure.
  5. For unusual-shaped gifts, experiment with the size and shape of the fabric.
  6. Decorate gifts with leaves, small branches or handmade name tags.  
Fabric gift wrap tutorial
(Photography: Cath Muscat)

Search ‘Furoshiki’ on YouTube for loads of step-by-step videos.

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