The Japanese gift wrapping method you need to try

How to make your presents look stunning! 
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If you’re looking for a way to impress everyone with your gift wrapping skills, you might like to consider Japanese furoshiki gift wrapping.

The stunning method uses fabric to wrap a present, instead of using paper, and it’s never been more popular. Pinterest reports that furoshiki one of the strongest DIY trends to emerge this year.

The simple knotting technique is easy to follow, and it saves time as you don’t have to use scissors and sticky tape.

Check out this step-by-step tutorial for the how-to.

The eco-friendly method of gift wrapping is an ideal way to use up your fabric stash, with the idea that it is repurposed by the giftee.

Japanese furoshiki | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
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We like the idea of using furoshiki as a way to incorporate an extra gift. Use a beautiful silk scarf as a luxe gift wrap your presents. For a festive look, use a Christmas-themed tea towel. 

Your family and friends will be totally wrapped.


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