5 easy steps to making a Christmas countdown calendar

Deliver a sweet surprise to your loved ones every day in the lead up to Santa’s arrival
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Starting on December 1, invite your family and friends to open a treat-filled bag on each day of the month, until you reach Christmas Day. The main supplies for this homemade project are a length of driftwood, craft twine and fabric bags – all easy objects to get your hands on. Plus, you can reuse this countdown calendar year after year. Here’s how to make it.

Gather your supplies

  • Fabric of choice or ready-made fabric bags (25)
  • Small badges with numbers 1–25 or craft numbers (look in the scrapbooking section of your local craft store)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks (optional)
  • Assorted small gifts or treats (25)
  • Craft twine
  • Length of driftwood or dried tree branch (about 300mm–400mm long)
  • Heavy-gauge fishing line
  • Miniature pegs (25)

Here’s how


If you’re handy on the sewing machine, you can stitch up 25 simple, open-top bags in any fabric you love. Alternatively, purchase ready-made fabric bags (check out the options at your local craft store, Spotlight, discount stores or Kmart). Lay the bags flat on your work surface.  


If using numbered badges, pin each number to the face of a bag. If using craft numbers, attach each to the front of a bag using a dab of hot glue. Let dry.


Fill each bag with a treat. Tie each bag closed with a length of craft twine.


Tie a length of fishing line (about 800mm long) to each end of driftwood or branch. Hang the driftwood or branch hanger from a hook on your wall. (The fishing line should make a triangle shape on the wall – adjust until balanced evenly).


Cut 25 pieces of craft twine in a mix of lengths. Tie each length to the driftwood or branch, in evenly spaced positions, ensuring the tail hangs down from the underside of the hanger.


Using small pegs, attach gift- or treat-filled bags to the twine with numbers facing the front. You can jumble up the numbers so that the countdown to Christmas display remains evenly balanced as you open each bag.

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