A stunning, simple-to-make table centrepiece

It’s the candelabra that will light up your festive season – with a touch of Scandi style
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Bring the charm of candlelight and appealing metallic shimmer to your Christmas table with an easy-to-DIY centrepiece, handmade using readily available timber dowel and copper hardware. Create one, two or more – you can even adjust the design to make a long, narrow rectangle piece. Once you’re done, your handiwork is a brag-worthy talking point for any festive gathering in your home.

Gather your supplies

Here’s how


Measure and use pencil to mark dowel into 8 lengths of 120mm. Use handsaw and mitre box to neatly cut each piece at marked positions.


Using this picture as a guide, assemble candelabra by slotting ends of dowel into the copper components. Elbows go in the corners, while tees go between each two side lengths. If you wish, you can add a dab of hot glue to the end of each dowel before slotting into the copper components to help secure the assembly while you fit it together.


Slot the final length of dowel into the candelabra assembly and trim the dowel a little shorter for a snug fit if necessary. Place candles in the upward-facing openings of the tees. If required, use a utility knife to shave down the ends of the candles and place them in the openings.


1. If you choose copper elbows and tees of a narrower or wider diameter, simply adjust the diameter of the dowel to suit.

2. You can adjust the finished shape from a square to a rectangle by shortening the dowel lengths at two ends and lengthening the dowel along the remaining two sides.

3. Mix up the look by using near-straight dried tree branches – just whittle the ends to allow a neat fit within the copper components.

Place your finished candelbra in the centre of your festive table and tie napkins with twine, trimmed with a personalised miniature bauble for each guest. (Credit: Getty Images)

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