4 things you should never buy before Christmas

Read this and save hundreds of dollars.
Beach house rear deck with alfresco dining area.Image: The Palm Co

Christmas is peak season for retail with research institute Roy Morgan predicting Australian shoppers will spend more than $63.9 billion on Christmas shopping this year.

Not surprising then that whilst you rack up the Christmas gifts for everyone else, you may be tempted to have a little splurge of your own. With the most popular shopping day this year predicted to be this Saturday 21st of December, you might think getting in early will save you money.

While there are certainly great deals to be had for those prepared to shop around, there are some items it’s best to hold off on buying until after the Christmas period.

1. Furniture

Investment pieces such as sofas, beds and outdoor furniture can be heavily discounted in the New Year sales, usually from Boxing Day onwards.

Do your research ahead of time while you are out and about Christmas shopping, but hold off on your purchases until 26th December for big savings.

Beach house rear deck with alfresco dining area.
(Credit: Image: The Palm Co)

2. Bedding

Particularly in department stores, both online and bricks and mortar, bed linen is often heavily discounted in the Boxing Day Sales and beyond during the new year.

Big name brands hold their own sales and many department stores will match their best price, so be sure to compare prices before you hit “add to cart”.

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3. Big ticket electronics

Possibly the biggest risk in terms of stock availability, if you can get the item – whether it’s a fridge, oven, or a new clothes dryer – in the sales, it’ll be heavily discounted.

Floor stock is also on offer during this time to make way for new merchandise.

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(Credit: Photography: Louise Roche | Styling: Kylie Jackes)

4. Gym memberships

New Year resolutions sees a spike in the uptake of gym memberships through January so  before you sign your life away for 12 months, do your research. Compare prices, let them know you’re shopping around for the best deal and look for gyms that may waive joining fees during this period.

As in any sale, there’s always the risk that the item you want is not available so be prepared to be either disappointed or flexible with what you’ll settle for.

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