Four top tips for choosing a fridge

Pick the perfect one for your home

Easily one of the most important appliances in any home, a fridge is a big purchase for any household, making it important to pick a model that is perfectly suited for one’s home. Here are four tips from appliance retailer e&s to help you choose the perfect fridge. 

1 Household size
A home for a young couple would have different needs than one with a growing family, as their fridge would need to cater to different cooking, storage and entertaining habits. The ideal fridge capacity would align with the number of people in the household, which means that younger people living in apartments can typically choose a smaller capacity fridge.

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2 Available space
The emergence of apartment living has led to kitchens shrinking in size, with butler’s pantries giving way to a more open aesthetic that brings together living, dining and cooking areas into one cohesive space. As a result, a standard top or bottom mount fridge might not always be the right fit for the kitchen, with modular options being better suited when space is at a premium. Of course, french doors, pigeon pairs or traditional top or bottom mounts are ideal choices when the kitchen has ample space for the fridge.

3 Design direction
Form and function go hand in hand, and once the household’s needs have been considered, its approach to design should be next on the list. Freestanding fridges are usually the mainstay in classic kitchens, while their integrated counterparts are ideal for contemporary spaces, concealed behind cabinetry when not in use. Looking to infuse a pop of colour in the kitchen? Coloured fridges are the way to go.

Simon Whitbread
(Credit: Simon Whitbread)

4 Extra features to consider
Once considered a futuristic vision, modern technological innovations have ensured fridges are more efficient than ever before, with a slew of features simplifying use and enhancing convenience. External water dispensers and glass display doors are a great way to reduce how often a fridge is opened, while sliding shelves make it easier to store and access items. Newer models also come with airflow systems that help maintain consistent temperatures no matter how often the fridge is opened. Those looking for a model that is easier to clean and maintain can choose from a range of black fridges, selecting one that suits their needs.

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