Here’s how to clean the house without getting off the sofa

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If you haven’t yet got yourself a robot vacuum cleaner, the latest jump in technology might have you thinking again… voice command!

Once only a pipe dream, robotic vacuum cleaners have now been in our homes for some time – freaking out pets and dutifully vacuuming up the dust, dirt and pet hair left behind in our lives when no-one is looking.

The latest intelligent cab off the cleaning rank to shake up the market is the Deebot 710, which takes things next level by using smart home speakers with voice command to activate the little helper without even getting off the sofa – which it now glides under with its new lower, sleek design.

Clean the house without getting off the sofa
(Credit: Ecovacs)

“We are constantly striving to provide efficient, intelligent and powerful household cleaning solutions that meet and exceed the needs of consumers. This is especially important in a market such as Australia given the growth in smart home adoption and our desire to free up as much time as possible from otherwise thankless chores,” said Karen Powell, Head of Australia and New Zealand for Ecovacs Robotics.

Here’s a bunch of features we love:

  • priced at less than $500
  • controlled with an app or your existing smart home technology
  • mapping technology for the most efficient cleaning path in your home
  • use on all floor types – including hard floors
  • adjustable suction power in ‘Max’ mode for extra cleaning
  • battery life provides 110 minute working time and auto re-charge
Clean the house without getting off the sofa
Deebot 710 (Credit: Ecovacs)

Visit Ecovacs for more information.

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