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Soul Safari’s Vanessa Holden shares her tips and tricks on how to be creative

Find out how to make your creative dreams come true

With years of experience working in a creative industry, director and founder of Soul Safari Vanessa Holden is an expert when it comes to great design, finding inspiration and chasing creative dreams. We chat to her about her creative process and getting started.

Can you share any tips for following your passion and creative dream? 

Vanessa: “A lot of people can identify what their passion is but don’t necessarily make a plan to pursue it. That’s the big differentiator in terms of making your creative dreams come true. People who develop a plan and get really intentional about making that come to life are the ones that really bring their ideas to fruition. You’ve got to be willing to do it all, get knocked back, and get back at it again. Passion needs a plan and persistence.” 

What about tapping into your creativity?

“I think it’s important to remember that creativity isn’t something that you switch on and off – it flows within all of us, and we can dial it up and down, and the best way to get things flowing is simply to start. Being creative isn’t something you think about, it’s something you DO. I really encourage people to start a project, however it feels best to start. Whether it’s heading to a gallery to be inspired, or to a supply store to get your hands on some materials, creativity really starts when you’re connecting what’s in your mind with your hands. Anywhere that happens is the perfect place to start, the sooner the better.”

Where do you feel Australia’s design world is heading?

I think that Australia is at a really interesting juncture now. We’ve always been really intelligent about creating a great life but now, we are becoming more conscious of how our choices affect not only our families but also our communities and the world more broadly. I’m excited to see a trend toward more thoughtful, sustainable approaches too – not only interior and environmental design at home but also in the way we approach supporting local designers and manufacturers.” 

What inspires you?

“I thrive on visiting new cities, meeting new people, especially meeting younger people who are starting to bring their ideas into the world.” 

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