5 fabulous ways to drink Prosecco you hadn’t thought of

Hints and tips for serving this season’s favourite tipple.
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It’s no secret that we love a glass of bubbles here at Home Beautiful. Any celebration is a great excuse to pop a cork – Friday afternoon in a pinch – or to mix up our latest favourite cocktail. Right now, we’re loving Prosecco.

A dry, lighter style of sparkling wine that originated in the village of Prosecco in northern Italy, it is made from the grape Glera and was grown in Ancient Rome. It’s interesting to learn that Australia makes exceptional quality Prosecco in areas like King Valley and Adelaide Hills.

The name is Slovenian, from prozek, or “path through the woods,” so it makes sense that a glass here and there helps us stay on track!

It’s a style of wine perfect for entertaining so we’ve got some hints and tips for new ways to enjoy this people-pleaser.

Glass: Whilst you can serve in other glasses the champagne flute is the top pick

Temperature: Serve chilled between 12 – 14 degrees

Opening: Remove the foil from the wire cage that surrounds the cork. When popping the cork do this slowly; it avoids potential injuries from flying corks and lets the pressure in the bottle gently force out the cork.

Serving: Don’t tilt your glass. Pour on an angle and allow to hit the side of the glass. It’s better for the taste, bubbles and aroma.

Champagne cheers
Make it special with pretty glassware. (Credit: Cath Muscat)

Want a fresh new take on Prosecco? Here are 5 new ways to enjoy it:

1. Take care to choose a good Prosecco

Buy the best Prosecco you can afford and check that it’s the real thing. As this style of wine continues to trend, the market is becoming flooded with many sub-standard varieties that have not earned the name Prosecco, so do your research. Look for ‘DOCG’, on the label, which means the Prosecco has come from an area in Italy called Conegliano Valdobbiadene in the north-east, famed for its quality.

2. Pimp your party snacks

Try Italian antipasti and other light snacks when serving Prosecco for a perfect food match, but don’t stick to the same offering every time – take the lead from your local cocktail bar and go the extra mile with bar snacks. Toast your nuts and add spices for more depth of flavour, or try some fancy flavoured or stuffed olives at your next dinner party.

3. Use it in a cocktail

Delicious served chilled as an aperitif, Prosecco also lends itself incredibly well to a wide range of cocktails. Classics such as Bellini, Aperol Spritz or the classic French 75.

champagne cocktails
Set ’em up (home) bartender! (Credit: Chris Warnes)

4. Serve it with your entrée 

As it’s only moderate in alcohol volume, served straight, you could drink Prosecco all day! It works beautifully with food however so beyond pre-dinner nibbles, try it with oysters or a more substantial grazing platter for entrée.

5. Try something a little different

Ever tried Prosecco from a can? OK, hear us out on this one. Canned wine is on the rise in Australia, following suit with the US and UK markets and there’s a lot to be said for the innovation – it’s better for the environment, lighter to carry when you’re out and about and, well, they’re cute cans. Here’s a few more reasons if you’re not convinced.

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