5 reasons to start drinking wine from a can

The newest way to drink your favourite vino
Wine in a can
Not just a pretty face, wine in a can has a strong social conscience and small environmental footprint relative to glass.
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The growing trend of wine in a can is taking the alcohol market by storm. Are you in or out?

Lighter-weight than glass bottles and just as cute, we love the idea of being able to pop a tinnie into your tote on your next picnic or girls’ weekend away.

Tapping into the environmentally-conscious millennial market and checking their carbon footprint, wineries in the northern hemisphere embraced the idea of single-serve portions of wine in a can with both hands a few years ago. Since then sales have skyrocketed to become the fastest-growing sector in the US alcohol market. 

Cans are easier on the environment since up to 75% of aluminium is recycled in a “true loop” to be used again, rather than “down-cycled” for other uses, like plastic and glass. In the beer sector, cans already outsell glass in Australia so perhaps canned wine is set to follow suit, with more wineries serving up canned varieties than ever before. 

Wine in a can
Not just a pretty face, wine in a can has a strong social conscience and small environmental footprint relative to glass. (Credit: Photo: Getty)

The trend is taking hold and plenty of our favourite wineries in both Australia and New Zealand releasing varieties closer to home. We think it’s worth a look.


5 reasons to grab a tinnie of wine

1. Wine in a can is lighter weight to carry

Especially when they’re empty – so perfect for celebrating outdoors or on the go whilst still keeping the environment in mind with fully recyclable packaging. In terms of production and freight, the lighter cans mean less energy is needed to transport them in bulk, too.

2. Wine in a can is quicker to cool

Ready in a jiffy after a short chill on ice or in the fridge.

3. Wine in a can is pretty

With wine can designs following the craft beer movement in their rich artistic offering on the outside – you can style up a storm to match your outfit, your table setting or your mood.

4. You can drink wine straight from the can

Whilst the sparkling piccolo bottle has dominated the market for some time, many still prefer to decant their bubbly into a glass. Drinking from a can when you’re out and about makes simple sense.

5. Wine in a can stays fresher longer

Dan Murphy’s is calling wine in a can “the perfect by-the-glass solution,” as every single serve is sealed, and the aluminium cans are lined to prevent oxidisation from UV and Oxygen. This means no more stale old half bottles lined up on the benchtop at home!

Pizzini rose spritz in a can
Pretty in pink. Portion-controlled rosé all day.

While you might find sipping sparkling wine from a can is a neat transition from soft drinks, conventional wines may be a further leap. But remember that barely a generation has passed since people thought drinking wine was viewed with disdain, so you may find that drinking your favourite grape from a little silver cylinder is something you can do.

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