Airbnb guest paints a mural on owner’s wall – and gets a full refund

Not what you would expect

There are some ground rules when you stay at an Airbnb, and painting on your host’s wall is not considered one of them.

But at one Airbnb in Japan, the owner discarded all the rules when he made a rather unusual request.

Iranian American artist Ali Sabet was staying at a property in Tokyo when his host messaged him from Canada asking him to paint “something little on his walls.”

It transpires that the Airbnb host was a fan of the Californian artist.

“In exchange,” Sabet explains, “he would refund my stay and I would be able to stay at his home whenever I visited Tokyo.

“I was truly honored. So I left a little love behind!”

He states that painting on the walls of the tiny home in Shibuya, Tokyo “was a dream”.

“Being able to use traditional Japanese mediums on the walls worked perfectly,” he said.

Watch the video below of Sabet painting the mural.

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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