Australian company launches bespoke alcohol-free spirits

Perfect for Dry January!

If you love the cool, refreshing taste of a good G&T but not the hangover that can ensue after having more than one or two, then check out these new alcohol-free spirits from ALTD Spirits. 

Tim Triggs is a former barman and is the force behind ALTD (pronounced ‘Altered’). Five years sober, he wanted to recreate the taste of a great drink without the booze.

“The concept of ALTD was to take an alternative approach to alcohol-free drinking. We didn’t want to try to mock-up traditional alcoholic flavours like Gin or Rum, but rather, we wanted to celebrate all the amazing & unusual Native ingredients that we have here in Australia,” he says.

ALTD has released three products, each named after a species of Cicada – who provide the natural soundtrack to the Australian Summer. All three spirits are micro-distilled in traditional copper ‘moonshine’ type stills by ALTD Spirits.

There’s Green Grocer, a citrus-driven, alcohol-free spirit with fresh green herb, wood, and pepper notes; Silver Princess, a fruit-driven, alcohol-free spirit with berry, spice & lime characteristics; and Golden Emperor, a luxurious choc-orange alcohol-free spirit with bitter-sweet orange notes, toasted spices & roasted flavours. 

Each bottle retails for $64.99, and while it’s not cheap, it’s a great alternative to alcohol, especially if you are off the grog but still want to feel like you’re having a grown-up drinks rather than opting for water or soft drinks.

Recipe: ALTD Bushman’s G&T

(Credit: ALTD)

There’s no mistaking the Aussie slant to this alcohol-free G&T. You just need great tonic water & some fresh garnish – such as cucumber, mint & rosemary.


50mL ALTD Spirits Green Grocer
200mL Tonic water
Black Pepper
Rosemary or Thyme Sprig


Fill a short glass with ice & run a lemon wedge around the rim.
Add 50ml of ALTD Green Grocer Alcohol-Free Spirit
Add 200mL of Tonic Water
Garnish & Enjoy!

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