Aldi are now selling McQueen’s Colour Changing Gin

The supermarket giant are adding McQueen's Colour Changing Gin to their special buys range

Aldi is releasing their legendary McQueen Colour Changing Gin in Australia and we are so here for it! 

Previously available in the UK and now on sale down under for just $49.99, the gin is made using the petals of the Butterfly Pea Flower. Simply add in tonic, lemon or lime and the gin turns from blue to pink.

The McQueen Colour Changing Gin (700ml) Special Buy is set to go on sale Wednesday October 30th – so get in quick while stocks last.

(Credit: Aldi)

The Forest Fruits Colour Changing Gin is distilled using blue petals from the Asian butterfly flower, which change colour from pale blue to pink when the PH levels of the petals are altered.

“Not only does our new artisan gin taste great, but it also brings a little bit of theatre to gin o’clock,” says Dale McQueen, managing director and co-founder of McQueen Gin.

“Add a squeeze of lime first and see what shade of pink the gin goes, then add the tonic and it will change again.”

The colours and flavours of the gin are also 100% natural.

McQueen Colour Changing Gin is bound to add a splash at your next drinks party!

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