Our best soup recipes to nurture your soul

From light and lively to silky and sumptuous, here are our favourite soup recipes of all time.
Nicky Ryan

There’s nothing like a warming soup to feed the masses and comfort the soul. As the cooler weather starts to bite, if like us, you can’t resist cooking up a big pot of love at least once a week, keep these warming recipes on high rotation in your kitchen to see you through luscious lunches and hearty dinners until spring.

How to make a healthy and nutritious soup

Soup is a great way to get loads of nourishing vegetables into the tummies of the whole family – even in a chicken soup you can hide a multitude of goodness in every bowl! Combine the whole lot using a stick blender for a silky smooth texture, or leave your ingredients whole to celebrate its chunky, rustic nature.

Use seasonal ingredients

Some of the best soup recipes give you endless possibilities for variations and substitutions – in many cases using anything you have in the fridge or pantry. Start with a base of a mirepoix of onion, celery and carrots and build from there using fresh vegetables, pulses or legumes, roasted root vegetables, any kind of meat and your favourite fresh herbs. Look for quick and easy soup recipes for busy weekday meals, then reheat leftovers for lunch. Not sure where to start? Read on for Home Beautiful’s collection of soup recipes for some of our favourites.

Outdoor blankets and candles
Warm up from the inside out by wrapping yourself in the nourishing goodness of soup. (Credit: Cath Muscat)

Best vegetarian or vegan soup recipes

Yellow split pea soup
Yellow split pea, pumpkin & cavolo nero soup (Credit: Nicky Ryan)


Yellow split pea, pumpkin & cavolo nero soup

An easy vegetarian soup to serve as a main dish fit for entertaining or to surprise the family. Pumpkin? Tick. Greens? Tick? Flavour? Tick, Tick, Tick!

Roasted carrot, pumpkin, ginger and honey soup
Roasted carrot, pumpkin, ginger and honey soup (Credit: Cath Muscat)


Roasted carrot, pumpkin, ginger and honey soup

Jam-packed with a healthy dose of vegies, serve bowlfuls straight to the table or pack this soup in a heat-proof container and enjoy a picnic outdoors – just add a dollop of natural yoghurt and a sprinkling of micro herbs plus crusty bread on the side.

Adding a fresh herb topping or some crunchy croutons can elevate a plain soup to bistro level and make it ever-so visually appealing. Here are five popular toppings for soup:

  1. Lemon and herbs: Add a burst of freshness by reserving some fresh herbs from the cooking process and blending them together with garlic and lemon juice for a zesty topping. Pesto works just as well!
  2. Crunchy croutons: Fry, toast or bake cubed bread pieces to float on top of your soup for a crunchy texture. Sourdough bread works beautifully but any bread will do.
  3. Toasted nuts: Dry-fry nuts or pumpkin seeds to add a nutty flavour and a toasty crunch to your soup.
  4. Creamy soup topping: A dollop of sour cream, crème fraîche or yogurt floated in the top of your soup adds a delicious creaminess and can be topped with a sprinkle of herbs or toasted nuts.
  5. Grated cheese: A light grating of cheese makes a charming addition as it softens and melts into the warm soup. Choose a cheese that matches the style of your soup, eg. parmesan for minestrone, or goats cheese for a vegetarian soup.

Gluten-free soup recipes

Quinoa and vegetable winter soup recipe
Quinoa and vegetable winter soup recipe (Credit: Cath Muscat)


Quinoa and vegetable winter soup

A soul-warming broth filled with hearty veg and satisfying grains, this plant-based soup will soon become a firm family favourite.

Cauliflower, parsnip & fennel soup with roasted garlic
Cauliflower, parsnip & fennel soup with roasted garlic (Credit: John Paul Urizar)


Cauliflower, parsnip & fennel soup with roasted garlic

Cauliflower is the latest “it” vegetable and this is a wonderful way to enjoy it. For a fully vegetarian soup, simply swap the chicken stock for vegetable stock.

Chicken, leek and quinoa soup
Chicken, leek and quinoa soup (Credit: Cath Muscat)


Chicken, leek and quinoa soup

There’s nothing more satisfying than a classic chicken soup. This fresh take on the concept has the benefits of quinoa, topped with a nourishing poached egg.

Soup recipes that can be made in a slow cooker

Making soup gets even easier when you can bung all the ingredients into the slow cooker. Check your recipe and prepare your ingredients accordingly. Layer everything inside, starting with meat and vegetables that require the longest cooking time, add liquid and flavourings, then simply set and forget! Timing is usually 2-4 hours on high or 4-8 hours on low heat. Add herbs and season to taste just before serving.

Creamy chicken, bacon & corn chowder
Creamy chicken, bacon & corn chowder (Credit: Nicky Ryan)


Creamy chicken, bacon & corn chowder

Perfect for entertaining, old-school charm combines with creamy, hearty goodness in this crowd-pleasing family favourite.


To make a cob pot for your soup, cut the top off a day-old cob loaf. Scoop out the inside living a 2cm border of bread. Spray outside with water and toast in an 180-degree oven for 10 minutes, or until crisp.

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