The 7 things you need to throw out of your pantry right now

Is it time to declutter your food storage?
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Clearing the decks in your pantry on a regular basis will give you more storage space for better pantry organisation and fresher cooking ingredients. Sealed containers and proper storage of open packets are the best way to declutter pantry mess and will ward off dreaded pantry moths.

7 things to throw out of your pantry right now

An unused sitting area was gutted and converted into this large butler’s pantry in this waterfront home. (Photographer: John Downs / Stylist: Kylie Jackes)

Even if you’re planning a renovation that includes the perfect butler’s pantry, here’s what to throw away right now:

1. Stale nuts

You know the ones – all the boring nuts that are left behind after everyone picks out their favourites. Bin them and resolve to make up your own mix next time.

2. Old herbs and spices

Check expiry dates as dried herbs and spices lose their pungency over time. Any spices you use for a one-off recipe that are unlikely to be reused should also be discarded.

3. Open packs of biscuits and crackers

These will become stale after just one day. To retain freshness, always store biscuits and crackers in sealed plastic containers or your fridge immediately after opening.

4. Half-used packets of pasta

Are a magnet for pantry moths! Store the remaining pasta in a jar or sealed plastic container as soon as you open a packet.

What to throw out of your pantry
Time for a pantry overhaul? Use it or lose it! (Credit: Sue Stubbs)

5. Gourmet sauces, fancy bottles of vinegar and flavoured oils

That you don’t use. Even if they’re beautifully bottled… unless they earn their keep on the shelf, bin them!

6. Any out-of-date items

Check for cereal boxes, cordial bottles, slow-cooker sauces, and old coconut lurking in the recesses and corners of your pantry.

pantry with open shelves and gathered linen shelf skirt
Photography: Nic Gossage / Styling: Lucy Gough

7. Tins with visible signs of age

..have been there for an age! Whilst some canned good can safely outlast their suggested use-by date, don’t hang on to things for months if you’re simply not going to use them. Check for damage to dubious cans or when in doubt, throw it out.

Wipe shelves as you go and stock take any items that are getting low.

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