10 crowd-pleasing dishes to serve at a high tea

Salmon blinis, finger sandwiches and lemon madeleines to satisfy your guests.
Photography: Con Poulos / Styling: Parvarne Lambert

It can be difficult to decide what to serve when you’re entertaining a group. If you’re feeling lost, turn to classic high tea recipes like these for salmon blinis, finger sandwiches and lemon madeleines. Perfect for a group effort, these recipes are simple, classic and a feast for the eyes when artfully arranged on a platter or stand. They’re all undeniably tasty too. 

high tea with finger sandwiches and treats on a stand
(Credit: Photography: Con Poulos / Styling: Parvarne Lambert)
Smoked salmon blini with ricotta and chives
(Credits: Photography: Con Poulos / Styling: Parvarne Lambert)

Smoked salmon blini with whipped ricotta and chives

The perfect canape, these bite-sized pancakes are topped with smooth ricotta, thinly sliced smoked salmon, salmon roe and chives to get the tea party started. 

High tea sandwiches recipes
(Credits: Photography: Con Poulos / Styling: Parvarne Lambert)

Trio of sandwiches

Try these never-fail sandwich classics of flavoursome classic chicken sandwiches, egg mayonnaise and cos lettuce, and a new twist on the traditional cucumber sandwich with gorgonzola cream, pickled cucumber and thyme.

lemon madeleines with chocolate and lavender
(Credits: Photography: Con Poulos / Styling: Parvarne Lambert)

Lemon madeleines with chocolate and lavender

These sweet, citrusy cakes are dipped in white chocolate and topped with fragrant lavender and zingy lemon rind to create an elegant accompaniment to any tea party.

(Credits: Nicky Ryan)

Banoffee pie cupcakes

Banana and caramel – a match made in heaven! This is a sweet, indulgent way to use ripe bananas. Best made the day before, the unique flavour elevates simple ingredients to crowd-pleasing heights!

Best Portuguese recipe
(Credits: Cath Muscat)

Traditional Portuguese tarts

Best made on the day (hello, last-minute hostesses!) People form queues worldwide for these delicate, take-anywhere desserts – perfect for a picnic, celebration or high tea. 

Waffle cone cake pops arranged on a plate
Simple and stunning, these waffle cake pops make the perfect recipe to cook with kids. (Credits: Photography: Nicky Ryan)

Waffle cone cake pops

Out of ideas? These bite-sized treats are as easy for little hands to hold as for big hands to make. A quick dash to the supermarket will have you whipping these up in no time.

lemon slice recipe
(Credits: Photography: Nicky Ryan / Styling: John Mangila)

The ultimate lemon slice

This easy lemon slice exudes old-school goodness and is a great way to bake on a whim without leaving the house to shop for ingredients. Tip: This slice stores beautifully in the fridge for up to 3 days, but we don’t think that will be necessary!

(Credits: NICKY RYAN)

Easy lamingtons recipe

Did somebody say, “Easy lamingtons”?! Always impressive and so delicious, this fabulous recipe gives you a cunning way to cut a tiny corner and serve up a chocolatey, coconut storm in a jiffy!

(Credits: Nicky Ryan)

Raspberry velvet cupcakes

If you’re looking to get your bake on, velvet cupcakes are rewarding and simple to prepare. They’re rich, luscious and topped with rich cream cheese frosting. This recipe is made to be shared in mini, bite-sized portions.

Buttermilk date scones.

Buttermilk date scones

What’s a high tea without scones? With a following of almost cult proportions, Nadine Ingram of Sydney’s Flour and Stone knows her way around a high tea. Here, she shares her treasured family date scone recipe.

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