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Raspberry weisse beer is the perfect alternative to Rose

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If you love rosé but feel like a change, then why not try a refreshing Culture House Raspberry Berliner Weisse? This German-style wheat beer is deliciously light and crisp with a pretty pink hue and comes in an eye-catching hot pink can.


Brewed at The Mornington Peninsula Brewery in Victoria by Tribe Breweries, one of Australia’s largest independent craft brewers, Culture House Raspberry Berliner Weisse is set to get tastebuds tingling for beer fans old and new.

“While brosé drinkers are on the rise (blokes drinking rosé), we are seeing many women switching onto craft beer for its great taste and variety of flavours,” said George Stupart, senior brand manager, Culture House.

Culture House Raspberry Berliner Weisse is part of the ‘sour’ variety of beer that is popular with craft beer lovers.

“As with sour foods such as sour lollies, citrus or pickles, many people develop a love of sour tasting foods once they have acquired the taste for them – the same goes for sour beer,” says head brewer, Kristian Martin.

“The flavour of the raspberries marries perfectly with the bright, clean acidity of the base beer to give a mouth-watering taste that is incredibly refreshing.”

With a moderate 3.5 per cent alcohol level, Culture House Raspberry Berliner Weisse makes an easy-drinking alternative to cider and sparkling wine – perfect for enjoying at barbecues and picnics. 

A fantastic palate cleanser, it pours pink with a foamy white head and a light haze and tastes great with cheese and complements fried or grilled meats such as sausages and steaks, making it perfect for barbecues.  It also pairs nicely with deserts such as cheesecake and chocolate, as the cleansing acidity balances out the sweetness, making a great crowd-pleaser when entertaining.

Available from BWS and Dan Murphy’s, RRP $20 (4-pack); $5 (single); $75 (24-pack).

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