This Instagram feed will change the way you do breakfast

You wont look at a banana (or watercolour painting!) in the same way again
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“Life is too short to eat boring food,” is the mantra of the incredibly talented teenager behind the unicorn-filled dream food taking the online foodie scene by storm.

With over a million followers on Instagram, Peruvian-based Jose is a 16-year-old artist breaking the internet with incredible images of fantastical food he has created and photographed himself – and it’s all vegan!

The colourful creations evoke celestial scenes, summer parties, and the most fun you can have with fruit, including José making his own delicately-coloured, super-sophisticated props from agar agar and fruit juices.

Teamed with colour-coordinated jumpers, he styles up layers of colour beautifully in a bowl with a sense of sheer fun. Fabulous food inspiration, coupled with an unbelievable eye for detail.

According to Buzzfeed José uses natural food colours including matcha, mango, berries and spirulina, to create a rainbow of unicorn colours in both his smoothie base and decorative elements – cheeky baby unicorns floating in a sea of smoothie swirls, frosted berries and bulging mason jars, filled with a tumble of cloud-like colour in fun pastel palette.

But it doesn’t stop there. Myriad ideas abound for fresh and frozen fruit sensations!

Working to a strict clock to catch his ingredients at their visual best, watch how José makes his creations below – it’s a lesson for us all in patience, skill and stunning food preparation. Frankly, he could give us all a lesson in food styling!

Surely the hero has to be his celebration of frozen berries – dancing through billowy pink and blue folds of foamy goodness, reclining on pancakes, frozen into rows of ombré popsicles.

With his astonishing skill, José is set to make us all fall in love with fresh and healthy food all over again, or at least start playing with it!


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