Top tips for creating the perfect entertaining platter

Everything you need to know before your next party

Before inviting your friends to your next gathering, read our tips for creating a beautiful and delicious entertaining platter.

Small portions

Choose food that is easy and small enough to pick up with one hand and doesn’t require knife and fork. Crackers, dips, cheese, dried meat and olives are great foods to consider. Try and balance the board with sweet, salty and savoury items. If you’ve got a few courses planned, try and avoid bread as it can be quite filling.


Variety is key  

A balanced platter should have a variety of textures and something fresh, something warm, something cold and something crunchy. Use this as a basis when selecting food. We love how easy LG’s French door fridges are for entertaining. Their interiors are movable to allow for easy storage of different sized items, like the retractable shelf for wine. Small sized snacks and beverages are easily accessible thanks to nifty little compartments such as the X-tra Duo space and the Adjustable Moving basket found in the door compartment. The Door-in-Door® design means you can quickly grab much-needed items without rummaging through the entire fridge.


You don’t want guests to starve or be too full for dinner, so a good rule of thumb is to start with 60grams of cheese per person, two slices of prosciutto or other dried meat and approximately one to two pieces of everything else.



Choose a big, beautiful timber board or marble tray to serve. Start putting your platter together by beginning with a centerpiece, such as a bowl of olives. Then, add the rest of your ingredients around it. The more colourful your veg and fruit selection is the more enticing your platter will look.

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